Why visit Cluj

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Everybody is looking for some reasons to visit a place before starting to buy tickets and do some concrete plans.  We are all looking for the perfect vacation that will bring not only wonderful memories, but will also not ruin our self confidence in making decisions and spending our money. Therefore I would say that wondering yourself why visit Cluj is quite a reasonable and legitimate question. What I will try in this post is to provide you with enough arguments and reasons on why visiting this city so that when you finish reading it the first thing you would do is to start looking for flight tickets to Cluj.

Therefore, here we go. Why visit Cluj?

Because it is impossible to get bored

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As I was saying in my previous posts, the only thing you need to do in order no to get bored in Cluj is to simply get out. From visiting the city to going to a theatre play or to a movie, Cluj can offer everything you wished for. There are student parties on every weekend and if you are a passionate of salsa you might want to know that on Fridays, onHavanaterrace or on Sundays in Kharma you can have the fun of your life at the salsa parties.

Depending on the season, in winter for example, you can spend wonderful moments skating on one of the numerous skating rinks in the city or taking a walk through the small wooden house placed in Unirii Square especially for Christmas decorations lovers. Summer is any less rich in activities than winter, offering you numerous outdoor activities in the surrounding forests. Therefore if you like adrenaline all you need to do is simply choose between bungee jumping at Polus Centre, rafting on Crisul Repede River or zip lines in Baciu forest.

Because the mountains are so close

by tvdece.ro

There are so many beautiful and cheap mountains resorts around Cluj that you might find it hard to simply choose one. If you landed here in winter, I assume you are looking for skiing slopes. The closest one is at Baisoara (only 60km away from Cluj), though you might find it quite crowded in the weekends. One of the best slopes is at Buscat (only 5 km from Cluj) not so popular, but perfect for beginners or mountain lovers or Arieseni (150 km from the city),full of cheap villas and ski passes and perfect slopes.

In the summer, I recommend you visit one of the most spectacular roads in the world, Transfagarasan, by taking a weekend trip fom Cluj to Sibiu (another amazing city), then finally Transfagarasan, a road crossing the highest mountains in Romania. The trip will be full of breathtaking landscapes and beautiful adventures.

So, what do you say? Looking for a flight already?!

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