Why should you visit Iasi?

Up to 1859, Romania, as you know it today, didn’t exist, its territory being occupied by several historic provinces. In 19th century, two of the most important ones, Walachia and Moldavia, were united and formed the nucleus of present-day Romania. Up to this moment, Iasi had been the capital of Moldavia and even if, after the union, Bucharest became the official capital, Iasi remained the most important city in this part of the country. So, why should you visit Iasi, you might wonder. Well, even if it was not the capital of the country, Iasi remained the capital of Romanian culture, being recognized as the cradle of Romanian literature, for example. Therefore, a visit toIasi will be a lyrical journey into the heart of Romania’s greatest writers and artists.

About its history

Whoever wants to come toIasiwill discover a huge gate towardsRomania’s history. Why? Well, inIasi, ‘every stone speaks of the past’ (as the locals like to say) through the large number of monasteries, museums, memorial houses and so on. Therefore, if one looks at the treasures of history and art that are to be found in this city, one could say thatIasiitself is a national museum. Furthermore, Iasi was home to illustrious medieval princes, such as Alexander the Good or Stephen the Great, who were brave defenders of the country’s borders against the Ottoman invasions and against its being converted to the Muslim belief. Stephen the Great, for example, was even sanctified by the Orthodox Romanian Church (in 1992), for his extraordinary belief and for his having built approximately 40 churches and monasteries during his reign.

Many firsts…

Iasi is the city of Romania’s great ideas, of the Great Union, of the oldest universities, the first Romanian theater, and the first literary memorial museum. It is there that you will find the Three Hierarchs Church, a true testimony to the aesthetic tastes of Romanian rulers, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Palace of Culture, the alleys in the Copou Park that are echoing at each pace the lyrics of Mihai Eminescu (Romania’s national poet), the memorial houses of important writers such as Mihail Sadoveanu, George Toparceanu, Otilia Casimir or Ion Creanga (you will not find a single Romanian that hasn’t heard of them).

Although this extraordinary city has known many difficult moments, Iasiwas revived every time, becoming nowadays a modern and beautiful city. I know that this information may seem a little disorganized, but there are just too many things to say about this city to tell them in one article. The idea was to make a question such as ‘why should you visit Iasi seem redundant…

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