Where to stay in Sibiu

I just love Sibiu. It is definitely one of the most touristic cities in Romania and one of the best living areas in the entire country. The stories behind this magical place, the mixture of cultures that can be observed on every small cobbled street made Sibiuthe perfect spot for being the European Cultural Capital in 2007. And it was without any doubt a mission that both the city and its inhabitants carried out with great success. So, if you are convinced that this is the place to be, then you must also consider a place where to stay in Sibiu. And trust me, the choices are numerous.

Hotels and Hostels

Finding a place to stay while visiting Sibiu is not a problem as you have many hotels and hostels to choose from. From luxurious hotels like the Roman Emperor, Golden Tulip Ana Tower, Ramada or Continental Forum Hotel  that respect the highest standards of luxury and good taste to the less formal but still cozy and colored hostels, the variety of accommodation will surely respond to everyone’s taste and budget. The most appreciated hostels in Sibiu are the Old Town Hostel Sibiu, La padre, Vila Teilor.  The great thing is that most of the hotels and hostels are located close to the center, near the city’s main attraction. The prices can vary from 10EUR per day to 50 EUR per day/ room at a hostel depending on the type of the room that you choose, while at three stars and four stars hotels, the prices can vary from 60 EUR per night to 100EUR per, breakfast being included. Many hotels offer packages that include wellness services, gym access, pool or the possibility to practice different sports.

Pensions and villas

Other options that should be taken into consideration, if you are not a fan of hotels but you still want to relax in a pleasant and comfortable environment are the pensions and villas. The prices can start at 25 EUR per night per room and can even go up to 70-80 EUR. Most of the villas are recently built, equipped with all the necessary equipments and designed by respecting traditional motifs. The best thing about the villas and pensions are the people. You will get the chance to interact with many interesting people and maybe even make some new friends. Most of the pensions offer breakfast included in the price but arrangements can be made for lunch and dinner too. Casa Baciu, Casa Veche or Casa Romana Sibiu welcomes its guests with traditional dishes in an environment that will take you back in time while Casa Frieda and Casa Belascu embrace the modern architecture and interior design. More information you can find on cazaresibiu.com, available both in German and English or on Sibiu page of Turismvirtual.ro.

I hope you are convinced by now that Sibiu must be included on your traveling list and as you could notice by now the variety of pensions, hotels, hostels and villas will make your choice of where to stay in Sibiu even easier. Do not waste any more time and start booking!

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