Where to stay in Bucovina

You must be wondering by now when I will present something about the accommodation conditions in this lovely Romanian region. Well, the time has come for this, too. It will be an easy task, I admit, because there are many beautiful and interesting places where to stay in Bucovina, so that no one could be disappointed.

Accommodation tips

If you are not accustomed with the Romanian style when accommodation is concerned, I will inform you briefly: hotels, motels (which you are familiar with) and bed and breakfasts (these are by far the most popular but slightly different from what you may know in the sense that, more often than not, breakfast is not included but you have access to a fully equipped kitchen where you may prepare everything you like during your staying). There are also private houses where you can stay with the owners (often, theirs is a separate part of the house) and experience the Romanian rural life. Let’s see some examples for each of these!

 Imperium Hotel – Suceava

This is an exclusive hotel which combines classic and new and where good mood is the norm. Its location and 78 rooms make it the perfect choice for people who travel in the area on business but are also looking to combine this with a private history lesson. The massage and Jacuzzi tubs will make you think you are in a holiday destination and not on business. The restaurant, with a capacity of 350 seats, its Roman style and qualified staff is quite impressive.

‘Conacul Domnitei’ (The manor of the lady) Inn

Located in the heart of Bucovina, this inn is the place where you can fully experience the essence of rural life, its traditions and hospitality. The inn has 20 beds in 6 double rooms and 2 rooms with 4 beds. All rooms are equipped with bathroom, TV, Internet, balcony and central heating. The inn also offers: restaurant with traditional food, barbecue patio, terrace, table tennis, children’s playground, parking space.

Casuta bunicilor (The little house of my grandparents)

This is part of a larger complex named ‘Iazurile Bucovinei’ (The streams of Bucovina) situated in a little town in Bucovina, Cacica Bai. The complex has two other inns, each with its own specific. ‘Casuta bunicilor’ is a 100 years old house which used to belong to the grandparents of the owners and which was restored for tourists. This is a traditional little house, with all its typical objects and annexes, which you usually see in a museum. So, this might be a very unique experience for any tourist.

Of course, these are only some representative places where to stay in Bucovina, this region having a very rich accommodation offer.

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