What to visit in Sibiu



If you have the chance to get to Sibiu, then half of you trip is already settled and planned. Being a small but really beautiful city, no matter where you turn around there is always something to do or visit. The city’s historical centre stands tall and proudly, as if telling the story of a glorious past. It has been recently renovated and looks absolutely spectacular. It is there where you will mostly find what to visit in Sibiu, so you don’t have to worry about transportation or finding a central hotel.

1. The old town

The old town or Sibiu’s heart is the main point of attraction of the city. It has wonderfully preserved the traces of the German settlers and merchants that lived here in the Middle Ages. However time has embellished these streets with amazing corner cafes and sumptuous churches that give charm to the view. The town is divided into two parts: the Upper Town, with a more obvious footprint of the city’s historic sights and the Lower Town, offering a spectacular picture of interesting architecture and cobbled squares.

2. The Brukenthal Museum


If you are fond of art and in need to find out more about this amazing city, then the Brukenthal  Museum is definitely a must see. Ranked secondly as the best museum in Romania, it offers to a wide variety of paintings from Dutch to Flamish, Italian and of course German, Austrian and Romanian.  It contains 1090 paintings, which according to the history have been gathered and carefully preserved by the Samuel Brukenthal , the governor of Transylvania.

3. Liars Bridge


Liars Bridge has turned into a true icon of Sibiu with the passage of years. It is one of the most visited landmarks in the city, having being built in 1859, first made out of wood then being replaced by metal. On the one side of the bridge you will observe the year of its built written in gold and on the other side you will notice the imprint of the proud Saxons that engraved two crosses swords, also in gold.

The charm of this place is given by a really nice story saying that before getting married, the girls were taken to this place and were asked if they loved their husbands to be. If someone was telling a lie, the bridge would collapse, hence its name: Liars Bridge.

What to visit in Sibiu? Your choices do not end here. Just keep on going and do not miss: the Grand Square, the Small Square, the Council Tower, the Lutheran Cathedral, the Catholic Church etc.

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