What to do in Sinaia

The valley of the river Prahova can be admired in many ways, Sinaia being the ideal place where active persons, and not only, can spend unforgettable moments. So, if you ask yourself what to do in Sinaia, this entry may prove quite handful as I will tell you a few things about winter sports, mountain biking, trekking, hiking, everything you may do in this wonderful Romanian resort.

Into the woods…

Where the forest roads are bumpy (everywhere, that is), you can rent a field car (‘ATV’ preferred in Romanian) so as to explore whatever place you like, without effort and with a plus of adrenaline. You can choose contest tracks for both field and off-road vehicles. For people who prefer hiking, Sinaia’s surroundings offer mountain tracks with different difficulty levels. Simple or challenging, all of them offer you the unique chance of admiring extremely picturesque places. If you want to cover a wider area you can choose mountain-biking. Special bikes, with safety equipments, can be rented in various places in Sinaia. In other words, everywhere you are you find yourself, you can easily rent different equipments for highly different sports.

Frozen adrenaline…

During the winter, Sinaia becomes a paradise for every skier. There are upgraded slopes where you can practice recreational descends, skiing, mountain skiing, extreme skiing and snowboard, and on the bob slope with 13 turns, contests can be organized, as well. Some of the town’s streets are designed as sleigh slopes so you can easily imagine the joy and happiness children experience there every winter. If you have just decided to try skiing, skiing schools provide all the necessary equipment and well prepared trainers are there to help you and make this experience a story to tell around the fire, with a cup of hot wine with cinnamon (Romanian specialty) in your hand.

Around the town…

In Sinaia, ball games lovers can find football fields at any pace. There is also a golf field nearby, which goes hand in hand with the highest international standards. The pool pubs from the resort are best when you want to spend quality time with your friends and have the time of your life. For braver tourist, Sinaia is ready to provide adventure and adrenaline in the sky. Paragliding and hot air balloons will make your dream of flying come true. When bad weather is ahead, try a visit to the swimming pools and gyms around Sinaia: you’ll forget all about the bad weather and keep fit at the same time.

So, still wondering what to do in Sinaia? Or are you already packing your luggage …?

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