Welcome to Bran!

This is a destination where you will find many of the values that Romanians cherish, a destination where you will definitely want to return whenever you get the chance. It is yet another place that wonderfully blends natural beauty with interesting history and unchanged traditions. While at Bran, you are most likely to feel like in-between worlds, between past and present, between tradition and modernity. No wonder that more and more tourists (from home and abroad) visit it annually. Of course, Dracula’s Legend is like a magnet for tourists but you should know that the legendary medieval castle is surrounded by breathtaking scenery (the Omu Peak – 2.514 m high) and that the locals are very kind and hospitable people for whom making you feel welcomed to Bran has become a moral duty.

General facts on Bran

Bran is one of the 44 larger villages of the county of Brasov. Situated in a picturesque place, 24 km far from Brasov on the national road 73, which connects Campulung Muscel to Brasov, Bran is an attraction for Romanian and foreign tourists alike. Together with the surrounding villages, it is the cradle of Romanian rural tourism.

Situated at the entrance of the Rucar – Bran pass (old, strategic trade route between the historical regions of Barsa and Wallachia), Bran is valued for the surrounding natural beauty. At the beginning resort of local interest, in time it has become a booming resort, a national center of rural, ecological and cultural tourism.

The Bran village is first mentioned in historical documents in 1367 when the Hungarian Empire started to show interest towards this region and sent Teutonic Knights to protect it and facilitate the expansion of the Hungarians into Wallachia.

What about Dracula?

Numerous accounts have been written about this being the home of the famous medieval Romanian vampire that everyone knows by now by the name of Count Dracula. Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, published in 1897, is mainly responsible for this legend that not many Romanians are very fond of.

In fact, it distorts historical facts to a great extent, giving no credit to Vlad the Impaler (on the personality of whom Count Dracula was created), a medieval Romanian ruler that succeeded in keeping the Turks away from his country. Nevertheless, the region abounds in souvenirs related to Dracula so that a visit to Bran may very well end with juicy stories to tell to your friends back home.

So, either you want to visit Bran for its valuable ethnographic resources and natural beauty or just for the fun of a Gothic experience, it will always be a memorable destination. And you can be sure that every hotel, museum, or inhabitant of Bran will be ready to tell you “Welcome to Bran!” and make your staying there unforgettable.

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