Visitors guide to the famous Băile Felix

Steps in Baile Felix, ©Paul Beattie/Flickr

The famous Băile Felix and 1 Mai baths are located in the western region of Romania, a few kilometers from the major town, Oradea, near the town of Sânmartin. This bathing resort offers thermal water and quality spa facilities which are among the most famous in the country.

The thermal baths and spa resorts are situated in a rangy area, surrounded by woods with oak trees. The nice and warm thermal waters are perfect in a cold winter day, but if you choose to visit in the summer, you will not regret it either.Those who are looking for a time of relaxation are recommended to visit this beautiful thermal bathing resort.

Special editions of flora and fauna

Băile Felix is very famous for housing a rare and unique plant called Nymphaea Lotus Thermalis, also known as water lily. This subtropical specie of the flower is kept as a natural relic and monument. The plant is endangered and it is forbidden to pick or even touch. The lakes and waters at these thermal facilities also gives home to the Melanopsis Parreyssi, a water-snail and the Scardinus Racovitzae fish.

Waterlillies at Baile Felix, ©Paul Beattie/Flickr

Moments of relaxation

The 20-48°C warm thermal waters of Băile Felix are very rich in minerals and have a soothing effect on the bodies with muscular and articular pain. Thermal water also has a healing effect on rheumatic sores. Many people come to visit the baths for the purpose to treat their rheumatic inflammations and pains. There are spa facilities that offer special treatments for this kind of sicknesses. They also offer massages, hydrotherapy, paraffin packing, water treatments and electrotherapy. If you are in a desperate need for some pampering you should definitely visit the baths of Felix.

Steps in Baile Felix, ©Paul Beattie/Flickr

Family fun at Băile Felix

The bath facilities at Băile Felix and 1 Mai offer not only massages and therapies, they are also ideal for family fun. There are pools that have artificial waves. You don’t need to go very far to enjoy the atmosphere of the sea you can just jump in the pool at 1 Mai and have fun in the waves. At “Apolo” baths, located in Felix, and “Venus” baths located at 1 Mai you can spend a whole day relaxing in their thermal waters.

A little marketplace at Baile Felix near the hotel, ©

Sights to see around Felix

For those who are more interested in history and architectural sights we recommend to visit the chapel of Haieu, the “Saint Vincent” monastery and the wooden churches in Băile Felix. The town of Haieu lies near the baths of Felix where a beautiful 14th century chapel is situated. The architectural structure is ornamented with elements of romantic and baroque style. The “Saint Vincent” monastery, today known as the Sanifarm building is also a baroque style building that was constructed in the 18th century. There are several other churches from the 15th century located around the villages of Rontău and Haieu that you might find interesting.


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