Visiting the surroundings of Bran

What makes Bran an ideal holiday destination is its being located in a wonderful area where you simply cannot get bored. Once you have discovered every secret this legendary place has, you can start visiting the surroundings of Bran. The region is surrounded by the Barsa, Bucegi and Piatra Craiului mountains. The tourist potential is, thus, highly developed, suitable for hiking, skiing, hiking, bungee jumping or riding. The rich authentic folklore just adds charms to these natural beauties.

Traditional villages

Almost 3 km Southeast of Bran there is the village named Simon. This is the start to the main mountain routes in Bucegi. Legend has it that old Bran, having many children, gave to each of them one of the 14 villages and hamlets which once formed the joint Bran: Simon, Poarta, Sohodol, Predelut, Moieciul de Jos, Moieciul de Sus, Cheia, Zbârcioara, Pestera, Magura, Drumul Carului, Sirnea, Fundata and Fundatica. The villages from the Bran region are spectacular through their authentic rural charm. Traditional fabrics and embroideries as well as occupations such as sheep breeding, wool processing and production of cheese carry you back to historic times.

The Rasnov Fortress

It is an old peasant fortress town, 12 km far from Bran. The beginnings of the fortress go back to the 13th century, being characterized by a simple and traditional architectural style. Rasnov was built to shelter its residents and to defend them of enemy invasions. The walls are irregular because of the rough and bumpy ground from the edge of the hill that surrounds the fortress; because of this, the massive fortress city walls resemble a jagged profile.

Dâmbovicioara Cave

On a route following the old medieval road, you can reach one of the most beautiful caves in Romania. 250 m long, Dambovicioara Cave, with a gallery without many branches and a ceiling higher than ordinary stature of man (about 2 m), can be easily crossed, especially because the inside offers optimal conditions for visiting (temperature oscillates around values ??of 10-12 ° C and humidity is right).

You can also choose the Namaesti Monastery, Dâmbovicioarei Gorge or the town of Campulung-Muscel (the ancient capital of Wallachia and important medieval trade center). Therefore, visiting the surroundings of Bran is far from being a boring or tedious activity simply because it can please anyone’s tastes. Nature, history, culture … it is all there and at its best.

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