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As I wrote in the previous post, this is truly one of the most beautiful and interesting cities in Romania. It should really be on your tourist list if ever in the area. This article is addressed to those of you who are planning a low budget holiday but filled with great experiences and wonderful memories. As such, little money should not prevent you from getting to really know this city because you can always visit the free attractions of Timisoara. So, in what follows next, I will focus on this kind of places, making sure that your holiday is unforgettable.


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These are the first places you should head for; nature is always free and whenever combined with something manmade, the result can be amazing. There are 11 parks in Timisoara, the oldest of which is Coronini Park; it dates back to 1868 and it is situated near the Bega Canal. From 2009 to 2011, it underwent a large process of restoration, so everything there is new and neatly arranged. The second most important park is the Central Park, built on the place the first cemetery of the city. Sinister as it may seem, the park was successful and named after the general that took over the building of the park. Initially the style of the park was British with wide lawns, numerous flowers and unitary alleys but after the two World Wars, the park was reorganized by planting numerous trees instead. Last but not least, there is the Rose Park. Built in 1918, it has turned the rose into a true symbol of Timisoara, being celebrated each year on the last Thursday of May.


Besides parks, Timisoara also prides in beautiful squares, such as Unirii Square dating as far as the 19th century. Nowadays, it represents the most important reservation of baroque architecture in town, being surrounded by two cathedrals (Roman-Catholic and Orthodox at the time, Serbian now), the Baroque Palace and the Monument of the Holy Trinity. The fact that this square hosts two different cathedrals, demonstrates the open mindedness of the people in this town (bearing in mind the fact that the Romanian and the Hungarian people were at odds in the 19th century). Victoria Square is another important place in Timisoara, dating back to the beginning of the 20th. This is where the Orthodox Cathedral was rebuilt in 1936 – 1946. On the other side of the square, there is the building of the Opera so that this square is more traditionally Romanian in style.

Even the parks breath history in Timisoara so that even if you are on a low budget, this city reveals itself through the many places it offers you for free. Therefore, if you choose to resume yourself to just visit the free attractions of Timisoara, you will not miss too much of the spirit and culture of this town.

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