Typical Romanian Weddings

Why should you bother reading an article about such a topic? Well, the answer is quite simple: typical Romanian weddings are really fun and enjoyable due to all of the traditions people nowadays still choose to respect.

Step 1 – The Groom leaves home

There are important steps to follow when Romanian people get married. The wedding starts at the groom’s house (best said, his parents’ house) where his family and friends gather to help him dress. You should know that in Romania it is not a tradition for the groom to have more than one best man. However, when the groom gets ready he is traditionally helped by his male single friends.

Step 2 – The Groom picks up his Christian witnesses

Once the groom is ready, he leaves home together with friends and family and goes to his Christian witnesses for the wedding (during the religious ceremony, the young couple is ‘helped’ by another married couple who are their witnesses before God – really, really important for any young Romanian man or woman soon to be married). The witnesses (called “nasi” in Romanian) wait for the groom together with their own family and friends.

Step 3 – The Bride gets prepared

These many, many people then go to the bride (again the bride’s parents’ house). She is waiting for the groom and the Christian witnesses together with friends and family. She is already dressed but the bridal wreath or veil is to be put on her head by the “nasa” (the woman Christian witness). This moment is really important, there are specific songs listened to during this event such as “Bride, it is time to say goodbye (to your parents, to your siblings)”. The moment can be really touching, the bride’s parents usually crying when it happens. When they are ready, they head towards the city hall to get legally married. In front of the house or the block of flats, all the people there join hands and start dancing in a big circle the traditional ‘hora’.

Step 4 – City Hall and Church

In Romania, people cannot wed religiously if they haven’t done it legally first. Most couples choose to do both on the same day (it is less expensive and less tiresome). At City Hall, things go the usual way: “Do you take her? / Do you take him? / Please, sign here!”. At church, the ceremony lasts up to 40 minutes and it can be very special if the priest knows the couple he’s marrying. During the ceremony, the Christian witnesses help the groom and the bride exchange their wedding rings and then they help the priest place a holy crown on the head of both the bride and the groom. Their role is thus really important and after the wedding they are said to become the married couple’s spiritual parents (to guide them through life with wise advice). Most often than not, the Christian witnesses are close friends to the marrying couple and they just strengthen their friendship very much in this way.

Step 5 – The Wedding party

The party is opened with the married couple’s first dance, which is done all over the world. Before people start eating, however, the male Christian witness (“nasul”) says out loud The Lord’s Prayer. Towards midnight, the bride is “kidnapped” from the party, usually by her friends, and taken to some restaurant or club. Then, they call the groom and settle for a ransom in order to bring the bride back. Most often than not, this means different drinks for the “kidnappers” and something for the groom to do: to sing a song, to say a poem, to dance with his bride while carrying her out in his arms etc. Towards the end of the party, the bride’s veil is taken off by the female Christian witness (“nasa”) and placed on the head of the bridesmaid (the next to be married, they say). Then, the bride’s head is covered with something else, traditionally a scarf, which means she is a wife now, no longer a “maiden”.

More or less, typical Romanian weddings go like this and many young people still like to hold on to traditions. Which is why such a wedding can be very charming and pleasant!

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