Traveling to Tusnad bathing resorts – thermal springs and sights

Clean water at Tusnad, ©nyuhuhuu/Flickr

Clean water at Tusnad, ©nyuhuhuu/Flickr

The bathing resorts of Tusnad are located in the southern region of the Ciuc Basin, at an altitude of 650 meters, between the Harghita Mountains and Bodoc Mountains. The resorts are situated in an incredibly picturesque location filled with ozonic air rich in aerosols and negative ions which create a heavy alpine climate.

Many people come here for the thermal waters to recover from stressful nervous breakdowns. As the average annual temperature is 8°C with 17.5°C in the summer and -7°C in the winter season. The winters are usually quite cold but ideal vacation destination for winter sports enthusiasts.

Healing thermal waters of Tusnad

The thermal waters at Tusnad are recommended for those with cardio-vascular illnesses and for those who have problems with the nervous system. There are 44 natural springs at Tusnad of which four are used for external cures: the springs of Stanescu, Mikes, Ileana and Apor. You can find accommodation at the Hotel Ciucas where you can rent a room or a three star apartment including wellness, basic treatments, bar and restaurant and make use of the conference room as well.

At Baile(Baths) Tusnad, ©vasile23/Flickr

At Baile(Baths) Tusnad, ©vasile23/Flickr

Internal cures include the treatments of digestive and metabolic diseases. The waters are also used for curing cardio vascular complaints, circular disorders, rheumatism and other illnesses. The resorts of Tusnad offer basic treatments with bubble baths, hydro-therapy, medical gymnastics and electro-therapy. The complex has 40 tubs and can treat 800 patients per day. There is also an outdoor basin as well. Enjoy a week of pampering and relaxation at Tusnad bathing resorts.

A little bit of history

There are some written proves about the existence of the thermal waters of Tusnad which dated back to the second half of the 18th century. The documents talk about the healing effects of the thermal springs and about the fact that people from the surrounding villages came here to cure their illnesses.

Clean water at Tusnad, ©nyuhuhuu/Flickr

Clean water at Tusnad, ©nyuhuhuu/Flickr

Tusnad, also called “Pearl of the Ardeal”, is one of the most beautiful bathing resorts in the country of Romania. The touristic activities in the town of Tusnad have started in the middle of the 19th century and since then it keeps blooming.

Sights around Tusnad

There are many sights and touristic locations in the region which are well worth visiting. Visit the unique volcanic lake of St.Ana located about 25 kilometers from the resort and the Red Lake, the largest natural barrage lake in Romania.

Saint Anna Lake , ©'Ajnagraphy'/Flickr

Saint Anna Lake , ©’Ajnagraphy’/Flickr

Romania has many churches all over the country of which many can be found around Tusnad. We recommend you to visit Franciscan church at Sumuleu built in Baroque style, the gothic style reformate church in Sfantu Gheorghe and the Orthodox monastery of St. Proroc in Toplita. For culture lovers we suggest the ethnographic museum at Miercurea Ciuc, the Szekler Monument at Siculeni and the forts and castles in Carta, Odorheiu Secuiesc and Lazarea.

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