Transportation in and around Cluj



Although Cluj is quite a small city and the main landmarks are situated near downtown, it is always great to have mobility and to know how to get it. What you might want to know is that in comparison with the capital, Bucharest, the costs of main means of transportation in Cluj are higher. But let’s discuss in more detail different aspects of Transportation in and around Cluj.

How much and How to


A bus ticket in Cluj costs 3, 5 RON (around $1) and can be used for 2 trips for one person or one trip for 2 persons. You can purchase it from the small houses you will notice in almost every bus station. Once the ticket bought, make sure you compost it before the bus leaves or right after its departure. You will notice either a small hand-operated dispositive or an electric appliance that pierce the end of the ticket. Make sure you insert the ticket there. From time to time all travelers on the bus could be checked by two controllers dressed as normal people, who show you their license and ask for your ticket.

The main mean of transportation in Cluj is called RATUC, therefore if you need any information regarding your trip by a pubic mean of transportation do ask for this name.

By bus

Taking the bus in Cluj is quite easy, simple and efficient, as the bus network takes you to every part of this amazing city. The most important bus stations from where you can take many other buses taking you to different places are Piata Mihai Viteazu and Regionala CFR. If you are interested in finding out what buses run in Cluj and their working hours please go to RATUC website.

By taxi


If you were to ask me I think taking a taxi in Cluj is the best way to travel around. Besides being really cheap (getting from one end of the city to another costs you) traveling by taxi offers security, comfort and also saves you from the trouble of memorizing the streets or the main objectives.

By train

If you planned a trip outside Cluj then I would say the best solution is taking the train. If you do not have a car, then travelling by train offers all the best options. Unfortunately the infrastructure in Romania is not that modern, so do get ready for some extended travelling hours.

Transportation in and around Cluj is the easiest and safest thing possible so besides gathering the information, simply enjoy the trip.

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