Traditions in Targu-Mures

Conserving traditions and popular customs should become key elements in the identity of each nation. In Romania, traditions and customs are different from one region to another, from one minority to other thus the beauty of this nation is reflected in the various popular manifestations. Traditions in Targu-Mures will bring you the most important customs at the main events in people’s lives such as weddings, funerals, winter traditions.

Wedding traditions

Weddings remain the main events where ritual customs were conserved very well. These customs are mainly performed in the rural areas. For example, the Friday before the wedding, people from the grooms’ family spread the good news of the marriage in the village.

Romanian dancers ©

One interesting custom is ” scoaterea la ciubar ” of the bride when she is splashing her guests with water and basil while the remaining water is thrown at the roots of an Apple tree. During this ritual, the men sing a song called  ” Ei na si daina”. Another beautiful moment during the wedding is going to church in a cheerful atmosphere with hails and songs praising the grooms. The dance where both the youngsters and the older ones take place must be seen as a three parts dancing ritual: “ardeleana”, “pe picior” and “invartita”.

Winter traditions

Winter traditions are among the most spectacular and impressive due to their diversity and significance. Celebrating the birth of baby Jesus Christ is began with four weeks of fast, so that both the body of spirit of Christians are prepared to receive the good news. Christmas Eve is celebrated in the community, the all the members of a village gathering at the church where a special mass is made for the people who passed away. After that, children begin to sing carols and praise Good.

Winter ©

They are well rewarded with apples, nuts and home made pretzels. Teenagers are the next to cellebrate and give the good news of the birth of Jesus Christ. „Stelasii” (as they are called) put on stage a play where they play the 3 wise man that presented their gifts to baby Jesus Christ. The last ones to to celebrate Christmas are “dubasii” (the bachelors) who are singing religious and non-religious carols: the girl’s carol, the boy’s carol, the stag’s carol, etc. They are dressed in popular costumes specific of the region they represent.


Though, hundreds of year old, these ritual are still performed by the youngsters especially in the villages. More details on you can find on: Traditions in Targu-Mures are part of daily lives of these people. If I managed to stir your interest on them, then you should try to discover the way people in Romania traditionally celebrate the most important events of their lives.

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