Top parks and gardens in Cluj

In a recent survey made in Romania, Cluj was ranked the 1st as the greenest city in the country. Besides the amazing architecture that will impress you with its extraordinary attention to details and its great imagination, Cluj will also fascinate you with its surrounding landscape and breathtaking nature. And where else can you truly admire this if not when taking a stroll in the many parks and gardens of the city? Besides the mesmerizing Botanical Garden, to whom we have reserved an entire article, let’s review together a top parks and gardens in Cluj:

Parcul Central (Central Park)


Central Park is one of the biggest parks in Cluj, being also considered the local’s favorite. It was founded in 1827, so it has seen quite a lot of this city’s history. Its neighbors are the Hungarian Theatre at one end and the Arena Stadium and Somes Mic River at the other.

The Central Park is simply perfect for a relaxing walk in the hot summer days, as the high trees will keep you cold and the song of birds will invite you to dream with your eyes open.  The park can also brag with a wonderful lake, home of many cute and hungry wild ducks. You can basically do everything you wished for: jogging, reading a book on the comfortable benches, riding a boat on the lake, playing basketball, enjoying an ice-cream.

Reserve one day of you agitated vacation to this park and you will not regret it.

Rozelor Park

Rozelor Park has been recently renovated (in 2010) and since then it is considered one of the most popular parks in Cluj. It is located on the cliff of Somes River, the road to this park being an enchanted path as well. Rzolero Parks has been equipped with a special track for bicycles and roller blades and a refreshing fountain, where kids like to play and get wet during the hot summer days.

Cetatuia Park


Cetatuia Park should also be included in a top parks and gardens in Cluj. It is located on one of the hills surrounding the city, where you will notice a big and white building, actually a hotel. Locals called that place Cetatuia. It is a must see landmarks if you have the chance to visit Cluj. Right behind this hotel there is a large park inviting to relaxation and sport. If you are afraid of dogs, then you might need to reconsider visiting this place, because you will meet many people taking their pets out.

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