Top museums in Bucovina

Bucovina, as a region, corresponds approximately to Suceava County and includes only the southern part of historical Bucovina (the northern part remained on the territory of Ukraine). The lands of Bucovina uncover pages of history, ancient traditions and customs, monuments, unique and specific crafts, medieval fortresses and so on. The area is famous for its churches and monasteries with unique interior and exterior paintings. You can easily imagine then, that Bucovina, such a culturally rich region, can also be named the land of museums. To my mind, it’s a big loss to visit this area and not stop for some moments in its museums where you will better get acquainted with its history, people and customs. Let’s see then, which are the top museums in Bucovina, those that you should not miss if ever in the area.

The Bucovina Village Museum

You can find it near the Royal Court in Suceava. It is one of the earliest museums to be organized in the open in Romania. Nowadays, it has more than 80 buildings that take you in a journey across the history of Bucovina and of its rural architecture. That means you’ll be seeing there typical houses where people used to live some hundreds of years ago, a small church from a village called Vama (dating back to the 18th century) and a traditional water mill brought from the town Gura Humorului.

 The Wood Museum

If you ever arrive in Campulung, you need to visit this museum because it pictures an important aspect of the life of medieval Romanian people. You can find it easily downtown in a 1822 square meters building where there are 26 rooms exhibiting various treasures: the art of wood carving, the genius of the wood artists and, and the tools they used to create exquisite works. Besides these 26 rooms, there is also an outdoor space where you can see the Latis Hutula house, more than 300 years old. A major attraction is the chess board which covers 100 square meters, where tourists can play chess with chess pieces inspired by Romanian fairy tales.

You can also visit the Village Museum of Ethnography and Local History in Botosani, the ‘Mihai B?cescu’ Water Museum in Falticeni, The Ethnographic Museum in Gura Humorului, The Museum of Natural Sciences and of Hunting in Vatra Dornei and the Bucovina Museum Complex located in Suceava. As you can see, it’s up to you to create your own list of top museums in Bucovina, the offer being rich and various.

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