Top events in Timisoara in 2012

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Being an important cultural and artistic center of Romania, Timisoara life is always animated with plenty of activities. Top events in Timisoara in 2012 will focus mainly on the biggest festivals that are about to happen in September.

PLAI Festival

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This year, PLAI Festival will be at its 7th edition. The festival will begin on September 14 and will be located at the Banatean Museum in Timisoara. It is organized by the cultural organization- Sound and Ambiance Timisoara and the Culture House of Timisoara. The festival brings to the audience hundreds of work-shops and 3 days of various concerts: 9 old music concerts, jazz and fusion. Artists from all over the world will take part at this entirely special festival. This is actually the biggest old music festival in Europe. Besides listening to music, the public will have the chance to visit Banatean Museum where various cultural activities will take place. Documentaries will be projected as well as short movies while the cultural partners of the event will organize cultural activities. Yearly, they wish to bring something and new to the Romanian and international public. This year, a a dog dressage ONG will offer demonstrations on how to train your dog, how to become friends with your dog and even adopt them. An artificial system for escalating will be brought here. You can also learn how to ride a bike and ever repair it. Other work-shops will focus on how to create your own dolls, on painting, ecology and foreign languages. Children are invited together with their parents on mastering the beauty of diversity and the importance of getting involved. They will gather used paper and cartridge and recycle it for three days. The festival represents a guarantee of the quality of the guests invited from all over the world. It was awarded with many prizes: Charles Maine for Young Europeans in 2008, the 1st place at the Civil Gala in 2009 at the Cultural and Art Section.

Heart Festival

Heart Festival takes place in Rose Park of Timisoara, this year being the 23 year since it is being organized. It is one of the biggest folklore festivals in Romania. Artistic ensembles from 10 countries will take part at the festival this year. Folklore music will be sang from all over the world and the traditional dance and consumes will definitely entertain the participants. The festival is very well received in Timisoara. The show also presents a parade of traditional costumes and an exhibit of traditional objects made by the popular craftsman. People can buy icons, costumes and objects made of clay.

Top events in Timisoara in 2012 brought to you two of the most important cultural activities that will take place in 2012. These are events with a large visibility and tradition thus should not be missed. For more details check out:


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