Top beaches in Constanta

I do not know about you, but personally I am looking forward for summer to come. Sunbathing, swimming and practicing many water sports are among my favorite activities during this wonderful season. If you are wondering which are the top beaches in Constanta where you can spend your vacation then you should read the following post.


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Mamaia is the most famous reason on the Romanian seaside. Located North of Constanta between the Black Sea and Siutghiol Lake, Mamaia is the resort with the largest capacity of accommodation. The beach has fine sand and is decorated with umbrellas and lounge chairs which can be rented but at the same time you cand find spots on the beach where you can rest for free. Tourists have gotten used to being welcomed in Mamaia with something new all the time. One of the main attractions of Mamaia is Aqua Magic. It is located at the entrance of Mamaia and has a capacity of 4000 cubic meters. It is equipped with pools, water slides and a bar for cooling down and numerous restaurants. It is illuminated during the night therefore many night parties and events can be organized here.  Aqua Magic has a dancing floor where you can move to the summer rhythm.  Mamaia gondola is a unique accomplishment and one of the few projects of this kind in Romania. It allows tourists to see the entire resort from up above. You will also observe the wonderful panorama of Black Sea and the Siutghiol Lake. As I already mentioned before, Mamaia offers the possibility of practicing water sports and fishing in Mamaia Lake.


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31 kilometers south of Constanta you will find Costinesti. It is considered the youth resort. The first summer camp for students wad organized here in 1956. Costinesti has two major symbols: the obelisk, the place where all the students gather and organize concerts and contests. Another symbol is Evanghelia derelict. In 1968, the Greek ship, Evanghelia stranded due to weather conditions.  It was abandoned and entered the Romanian patrimony. Those who want test their limits or their courage can reach the derelict either swimming or by boat.  Costinesti is also perfect for those who want to practice water sports. This lake is the only one that is not supplied from the underground. Being a youth resort, Costinesti has many clubs and bars, Disco Ring being the biggest open air disco in the country where many international and internal bands frequently perform.

Top beaches presented only two of our Top beaches in Constanta. For more details on Constanta resorts make sure you check www.aboutromania/constanta.html

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