Top attractions nearby Timisoara

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There are many top attractions nearby Timisoara. Therefore if you feel like exploring the wonders outsideTimisoara city you will have plenty of things to see and do. Just make sure you have enough time and that you mention them on your travel agenda.

Natural attractions

Only 2 hours by car from Timisoara we discover Poiana Marului or the Apple’s clearing. The resort is surrounded by Small Mountain, Nedelea and Pietrii Pick. One of the most interesting legends is the one that mentions the treasure of the Dacian kings that could be located in Scorillo rock.  One can practice here water sports, fishing, hiking following the marked tracks in Small Mountain and Tarcu Mountain. Another destination is Moineasa, famous for its thermal waters. Folk festival and Romanian traditional art, Pancakes festivals are other attractions appealing for tourists. If you are a fan of jazz then you will be pleased to find out that a jazz festival tales place in Garana village.SurducLakeis 100 kilometer fromTimisoaraand is one of the best places for spending some relaxing time during the week-end: fishing, swimming and sun bathing.

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions isNeraCanyon. You can explore the caves that are close by and practice many extreme sports: rafting, rock escalating, paintball, ATV races, and flying fox.

Spa Resorts

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Calacea is one of the most known and appreciated spa resorts in the south west of Romania. The place is also recognized for its historical developments, Dacian objects from the 1 century BC and AC. The first documentary mentioning of Calacea dates back to 1311 when the town was called Caladava.  The resort lies over 15 acres and has a backwoods park and a lake full of water lilies and wild ducks. Thermal waters are recommended for people with renal problems. German San Mihaiu resort is located at 17 kilometers fromTimisoaraand is also recognized also for its thermal waters. The thermal water was discovered in the 70’s when people were digging after oil. At first the discovery was not given much credit but later on, a company took over the area and built a mini resort close toTimisoara. The thermal water comes from 200 meters deep and is pure from a bacteriological point of view, being rich in oligo elements and silicon. The waters are also recommended for people with rheumatism and periphery neurological traumatism.

Top attractions nearby Timisoara presented some of the most important reasons of pride for the people that dwell in this area. They natural beauties and their beneficence for the people’s health make them important attractions especially for locals. More information about Timisoara you can find out by checking

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