Top 5 Timisoara Landmarks

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If you decide to visit Romania and you begin by asking some questions about it, you will definitely get answers like: the mountain area is breathtaking, the Danube Delta is unique in Europe and the most impressive cities are found in the West of the country. The last part is very accurate because the western part of Romania has always been more developed, having more a lot of connections with Western Europe. This is true of Timisoara, one of the largest and most important cities in Romania and one of the most beautiful and interesting at the same time. Therefore, this article will focus on Top 5 Timisoara Landmarks, in an attempt to familiarize you with this great city.

  1. The Bega Canal

This is the first navigable canal in Romania. It lies between Timisoara and the Serbian town Titel, measuring 44 km on the Romanian territory and 72 km in Serbia. Currently though, the canal is not navigable any longer but there are boats you can hire to spend a relaxing afternoon within its surroundings. Moreover, along the canal, there are many parks which are flooded with young people every day, being convinced that a stroll in one of these parks does more to their spirits than going out in a club or something. In other words, the canal and its surrounding parks are filled with romantic people coming there to breath the air of history and to admire the beauty of nature.

  1. The Huniade Castle

This is the oldest building in Timisoara, but also a very important monument with impressive history and decorations. In 1947, it was given to the Banat Museum, becoming the home of the history and natural sciences departments. Currently, in the castle, there are two lamps, on which you can be read in several languages that, in 1884, Timisoara became the first city with electric lighting in the streets.

  1. The ‘Timisoreana’ brewery

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Located on Stefan cel Mare Street, this is the first brewery in Romania. It was built in 1718 by Prince Eugene of Savoy. The two reasons why the factory was built were the acute shortage of drinking water at the time and the need to supply beer for the Austrian troops that remained in this area after the liberation from the Ottoman occupation. Nowadays, you can drink a Timisoareana beer anywhere in Romania and knowing its rich history will definitely create a special atmosphere.

  1. The Northern Train Station

This is the main train station in Timisoara and one of the busiest in Romania. It has been functioning since 1857 when the Szeged-Jimbolia-Timişoara railway was inaugurated. Though having been destroyed during World War Two, in 1976 the building of the train station was rebuilt and has remained so up to present days.

  1. The Central Park

Currently, this park hosts a Heroes’ Monument, some statues of city personalities, several fountains, many species of flowers and ornamental shrubs (pictures here). Few know, but centuries ago, in the place of Central Park there was a cemetery.

These places may not seem so important for you but they have been defining the personality of this great city for ages. So, paying a visit to these top 5 Timisoara landmarks will enhance your knowledge of this city and its history.

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