Top 5 places to visit in Cluj-Napoca



Cluj-Napoca is an amazing city, full of life and dynamism, always changing and craving for new. Once you get here, you can be sure of one thing: you will NOT get bored. Cluj is the second most populous city inRomania, right afterBucharestand has been nationally and even internationally recognized as having one of the best universities offering education at high standards.

Having a rich history full of glorious stories and brave heroes, Cluj-Napoca did its best to preserve this deeds in the local peoples’ memories. That is why nowadays the city has quite a high number of landmarks buildings and monuments that most often than not summarize the quintessence of an amazing victory, thus making the locals being proud and impressing the visitors with the stories.

Therefore, let’s find out what are the Top 3 places to visit in Cluj-Napoca:

1. Cetatuie


The first thing you will notice about Cluj is that it is surrounded by hills. Cetatuia is people’s favorite place in the city and is located on one of the hills, right next to the most popular hotels in the city, Belvedere Hotel.  When you come across a long line of stairs that seem to never end, then you are at the foot of the correct hill, the one that will take you to this amazing place called Cetatuia. Once on the top, you will not only be struck by the amazing view and panorama of Cluj, but you will also notice a huge monument, under the form of a cross, raised for the unknown heroes that fought for the independence of the city.

To do: bring your camera to take amazing photos or do not forget your significant other to spend romantic moments.

2. Piata Muzeului  (Museum Place)


Museum Place is located right in the city’s downtown and cannot be missed due to the imposing and notable Catholic Church, Saint Michael Church situated right behind it. Visitors usually use the tall towers of this church that can be seen from almost everywhere as personal compasses, but most often get lost just because Cluj is too big to always have a view of these towers. In front of the church you will be impressed by a recently renovated equestrian statue of Matthias Corvinus , erected in the honor of the locally-born king of Hungary.

3. Piata Avram Iancu (Avram Iancu Square)


Avram Iancu square is located 5 minutes walking away from Museum Place. This time the buildings dominating the big picture are the Christina Orthodox Church, The National Theatre and Opera and an amazing fountains dancing on the classic songs the town hall plays in the hot summer nights. This square is definitely is a not to be missed landmark in the Top 3 places to visit in Cluj.

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