Top 5 Medieval Castles in Romania

The past and its legacy have always been an attraction for people; we are constantly trying to go back in time and imagine how it must have been to live then. Top 5 Medieval Castles in Romania is going to take you on an imaginary tour of medieval Romania. Just lay back and enjoy it!

1.     The Bran Castle

How can one start writing on such a topic and not start with the famous of them all: Dracula’s Castle. Though Romanian people are not so fond of this legend as it distorts the historic truth, tourists from all over the world are still attracted by this place. Regardless of its legendary aura, the castle is a really interesting sight since it is placed within a lovely mountainous landscape (the Bugegi Mountains) and because it is really well preserved despite its dating back to the 14th century. The castle is built on a 200-foot high rock, in Gothic style. Though people go there to see Dracula’s house, prince Vlad Tepes (whose personality served as a departure point for Bram Stocker’s well known character) never actually lived in this castle. What you are going to see there are objects used by Queen Mary of Romania who did live there, during the 20th century.

2.     The Peles Castle

I admit, this building does not really have anything to do with medieval castles since it was built in the 19th century. However, as I’ve mentioned Queen Mary above, I just cannot leave aside the Peles Castle which is one of the most spectacular places you will ever see (very near the Bran Castle, in fact). This castle was the summer residence of the royal family, King Carol I and Queen Elisabeth. Peles was the first castle in Europe with electrical power. Nowadays, the castle is opened for tourists as a museum, displaying very valuable objects such as rare books, written in gold or unique pieces of furniture. The rooms within the castle each have its own specific, so you won’t see the same thing twice while visiting the castle: The Imperial Suite, The Playhouse Room, The Moorish Salon or The Turkish Parlor.  In the area, you can also visit the Pelisor Chateau and the Hunting Chateau, which both display the same luxurious style as Peles does.

3.     The Corvinesti Castle

You can find it in Hunedoara, in Central Romania. This is the greatest castle from Romania built in Gothic style. Until the 14th century it was only a fortress, but when Iancu of Hunedoara, Transylvania’s ruler at the time, established his residence there, the place really flourished. The place became a fortress with 7 defense towers, the access to it being made on a very high draw bridge, supported by 4 large pylons. Iancu’s son, Matei Corvin, added a new wing, built in Renaissance style. The many towers, the dark Gothic rooms, the scary legends at every pace, make this castle more frightening than Bran could ever be. What’s more, Vlad Tepes (above mentioned) was actually held prisoner in this castle for 7 years. Other, prisons, not so famous, were 3 Turkish soldiers, who were told that if they manage to dig a fountain with their bear hand they will be released. After 15 years of digging, they finally did it, but instead of being set free, they were decapitated. Nowadays, near the fountain you can find within the castle’s courtyard, you will also find an inscription, allegedly saying that: You have water, but no soul!”.

4.     Fagaras Fortress

This is also a must-see in Romania. Important Transylvanian rulers lived there, so that the place was rebuilt many times, each time becoming even more impressive. The castle is surrounded by well-preserved defense walls, with towers in each of the 4 cardinal points and a bastion. Also, there is a deep moat around the fortress, so that the access is made trough a bridge. Inside the castle you can visit the Museum of the Fagaras Country which has archeology history and ethnography sections.

5.     Rasnov Fortress

Rasnov Fortress is also located in Bucegi Mountains, within Brasov County. This fortress was built by the villagers of the town Rasnov to defend themselves against the Tartars’ attacks. The 9 towers, 2 bastions and a drawbridge were more than enough to do the job. As the fortress is built on a hill, you can easily imagine that the view from the top is absolutely amazing.

The tour of the top 5 Medieval Castles in Romania ends here. One last tip: two of the castles presented here, Peles and Corvinesti, have made it into Top 10 Fairytale Castles Worldwide. Pretty impressive, isn’t it?


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