Top 5 clubs in Targu-Mures


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Romania is famous for its exciting nightlife, for its interesting and various clubs and especially for knowing how to have fun in general. Targu-Mures is not actually the party center of this part of the country but you can easily find some nice places where you can dance have a drink and enjoy the week-end to the fullest. The fun part about finding the perfect club to hang out is experimenting all of them. Thus, make sure you visit each of these top 5 clubs in Targu-Mures.

Don Pepe

Don Pepe is actually more than just a club, is the place where you can relax a few hours, enjoy nice food and listen to live music with Pop Danut band.

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Irreproachable services, fine drinks and a good time are the key elements of this club located in Corunca Car Square.

VHR Pub-Club

VHR Clus is nothing like the other ordinary clubs, is the club you have always dreamt about or at least this is what the owners pride themselves. If rock music, riding a motorbike and a free life style is what you believe in, than you should go to VHR Pub- the place where legends re-live. If you are curious about the music is played or you want to know more about it, then, check out the club’s website:

Evolution Club

Though quite small, this underground club with brick walls is really popular among youngsters. This is why during the week-end if you want a free table you should book it in advance.

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The music played in Evolution is a combination between rock, dance, hip-hop, R&B and of course the newest musical trends in Romania, thus you cannot get bored in a place like this.

Sense Club

Sense Club was opened in 2008 and is located on Pavel Chinezul Street. The club is on the top of the list of the clubs with the most interesting interior design. The futuristic design, the bar splashed in powerful colors like violet azure and green together with the white sofa create the perfect atmosphere for having a great time.

The Office Club

The Office Club is one of my favorite places to go out in Targu-Mures. The place is really cozy; you can sit down and enjoy a conversation with your partner or dance till your feet hurt. This, if you are sick and tired of your club you should come to the Office Club in Targu-Mures.
I hope our list of Top 5 clubs in Targu-Mures will manage to guide you and your friends in finding the best clubs in town. Remember though, you must bring your party mood with you!

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