Top 5 beaches at the Black Sea (II)


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We continue our journey in the pursuit of Top 5 beaches at the Black Sea. We will discover some of the most attractive and welcoming beaches that can contribute to our holiday happiness. I do not know what are your ingredients for a perfect holiday but I bet I can guess few of them: beautiful beach, serene waters, lots and lots of relaxation. But what if you are tired of all the noisy and fancy beaches? You can experience on the other hand another kind of experience: savage beach, far await from the civilization, a tranquil place created especially for those who want to feel truly free.

Gura Portitei

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Gura Portitei is a wild spot, attested in the documents since 1710. After almost 300 kilometers from Bucharest to Jurilovca, you can take a ship and reach Gura Portitei, a place 50 kilometers from Tulcea. The only holiday village you will discover is Eden, a spot that conserved the beauty and the natural charm of Danube Delta. Though it might be difficult to believe, there are still many places in Romania where one can still enjoy the purity of the wild beaches, crystal waters and fresh air. Regarding the accommodation conditions, you will find 77 wooden houses, camping areas and a few pensions where you can spend a few days.  If you do not know what your entertainment options will be then let me tell you, every Saturday a local party is organized. Have no second thoughts and start planning your first trip to Gura Portitei. You will not regret it. More details you can find out on

Vega Beach

Have you ever wondered which are the criteria for a beach to be classified? Well, then let me tell you that these are: clean water, fine sand, beach developments: umbrella, beach-bars and utilities.
Vega Beach in Mamaia is the only beach on the Romanian seashore with Blue Flag certificate, obtained in 2008 that certifies the quality of the sea water, sands and utilities. More exactly, Blue Flag is a prestigious certification and an international recognition of the high quality of beaches, representing an important guarantee for tourists that the beaches they visit are among the best in the world. The prices for a chaise lounge are approximately 5 EUR during the week and 7 EUR during the week-end. Vega Beach is also the largest private beach in Mamaia and one of the most beautiful beaches in Romania.

Here we have it: top 5 beaches at the Black Sea, the most appreciated and attractive ones on the Romanian seaside.

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