Top 5 beaches at the Black Sea (I)

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Bordered in the North by Ukraine and in the South by Bulgaria, Romanian seashore lies for more than 254 kilometers and is the most touristic area of the country. Top 5 beaches at the Black Sea will bring you some of the most attractive places where one can enjoy summer to the fullest. Great services, fine sand and a lot of fun on the beach, what more could you want from your holiday? Because we have a lot of things to tell you about the beaches in Romania, I have decided to split the article into two posts, one will focus on two of the most appealing beaches in Mamaia, fallowing that the next one will deal on the last three top beaches at the Black Sea. What

Playboy beach in Mamaia

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One of the “hottest” beaches in Mamaia is without any doubt Playboy beach in Mamaia. If you are thinking if there are any connections between the sexy bunnies, that you can see in Playboy magazine and the name of this beach, well then let me tell you there is.  Local and sometimes international stars that appeared in the pages of this famous magazine are invited to animate the beach in Mamaia, the most known and appreciated seaside resorts in Romania. Playboy beach in Mamaia turns into a party land during the night when some of the most popular DJ’s spice things a little bit. Lights, balloons,all kind of beach competitions  are organized to entertain everybody. The hottest playboy stars, the greatest atmosphere, the finest drinks and a lot of surprises wait for you at Playboy beach in Mamaia during this summer. So, try to be on shape so that you won’t miss a thing.

Celsius Beach

Located between Palm Beach and Iaki Hotel, Celsius Beach is one of the newest private beaches in Mamaia. This year one of the most listened radio stations, Radio 21, has moved for the summer at Celsius Beach, thus the party and the contests could not miss. Top artists in Romania will come to Celsius Beach and entertain you from the early hours of the mornings till dawn when everybody is ready to paint the town in red. The beach is not only equipped with canopies, volleyball and football areas and bars but also with DJ stations where one can sing, dance. Celsius Beach might be one of the best options if you are looking for a good time in Mamaia.
This is the first part of Top 5 Beaches at the Black Sea. For more details on the beaches at the Romanian seaside check out

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