Top 5 beaches along the Black Sea

What you should know if you decide to spend your holiday on the Romanian seaside is that there are not so many individual beaches from among to choose. Usually, every hotel takes care of the beach next to it and the rest of the beach is at your disposal. So, the top 5 beaches along the Black Sea you are going to read about are mostly beaches along a whole seaside resort or town.

Mamaia – Rex: a 5 stars beach

Mamaia is one of the best seaside resorts in Romania, which is one of the reasons it is also very crowded during the summer. If you don’t enjoy having too many people around you or too much noise but you would still like to enjoy the comfort of civilization, the Rex beach (in front of hotel Rex) is the perfect place for you. Imagine yourself lying on a wooden lounger, sipping from a nicely colored cocktail and listening to the comforting sound of the waves. What else could you wish for?

Agigea Beach

The dunes reservation from Agigea is another quiet and beautiful beach, hidden under the bridge going to Agigea. It is a remote place, with a beach bar and rough sand that you will simply love. The beach is just 10 km away from Constanta or if you are in Eforie Nord you only have to walk for about 15 minutes towards the Agigea South Harbor.

Sulina – a beach where you can have it all

You cannot reach Sulina by car but this should not stop you from going there. The place is renowned for wild beauty and hospitable people.  The beach in Sulina is considered to be one of the last virgin beaches in Europe. It is 150 meters wide and the sand is extremely smooth and silky. The water is not salty like the rest of the Romanian sea-coast, but sweet as it is here that the Danube forms its famous delta. The beach is not far from Sulina (10 minutes), so you can accommodate yourself in one of the many hotels and hostels in Sulina and then go and relax on the beach. There are not so many people, no annoying music or people selling different things, just sand and water.

Gura Portitei

Situated 50 km far from Tulcea, Gura Portitei is a village inhabited by ‘lipoveni’ (people who have Russian origins and particular language and traditions). The touristic complex Eden organizes parties each Saturday where you can admire authentic ‘lipovean’ dances performed by the local girls.

VaduGrindul Chituc

These two beaches are very remote places that the civilizing hand of man hasn’t touched so far. Thus, they are only for those who really wish to disconnect themselves, to lose track of time and to slow pace down.

As you hve seen, these top 5 beaches along the Black Sea take you from the most luxurious to the most natural. Everyone should be able to find one to suit his or her taste.

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