Top 4 Restaurants in Sibiu

Throughout the years the Romanian food has intrigued and has drawn the attention of many specialists and managed to surprise many of the people visiting the country for the first time. The cuisine in Sibiu surely makes no exception. It has evident Hungarian and German influences, being characterized by the use of many condiments. Dishes such as chicken soup, homemade noodles, tomatoes or bean soup are only but a few of the many delicious surprises Sibiu has in store for its visitors.

Therefore if you are looking for the right place to spend a wonderful evening, check out this top 4 restaurants in Sibiu

1. Imparatul Romanilor

Being considered one of the oldest restaurants in Romania, Imparatul Romanilor is also famous for being one of the most elegant and exquisite such places in the country. It dates from the 18th century and once with year 1895 it moved its location to the same building where you can find it nowadays. What is special about this restaurant, besides the absolutely delicious traditional food, is the gliding roof, which opens on summer nights, inviting the starts to complete the wonderful romantic atmosphere.

 2. Bolta Rece

Dating back from the 19th century, you will find Bolta Rece restaurant in the newly built park, near the town exit. If you ask any local, they will tell you it is the most popular open-air restaurant in the city. It served almost anything, from pizza and pasta to salads and traditional food. The staff is professional, so all ingredients for a perfect stay are in here.

3. Sibiul Vechi Wine Cellar

Sibiul Vechi is definitely something special in this picture of traditional restaurants. You will find it on Al. Papiu Ilarian Street, No 3, and this address having been mentioned in the historic writing from the 19th century. In 1936 it was named Thoma’s Wine Cellar, nowadays being the perfect destination for tourists and visitors from everywhere. It can host up to 60 persons, the staff wearing folkloric costumes and a band playing traditional music.

4. Bulevard Restaurant

Dishes at Bulevard Restaurants are rich, tasty and substantial. Pork served on grill is often served here and steaks as “tochitura” are one of the restaurant’s best-known dishes, whereas “mititei”, small sausages prepared on the grill and served with mustard are often ordered by the visitors. All this wonderful food goes perfect with some Romanian local brands of beer, so just make a choice.

Top 4 Restaurants in Sibiu ends here, in the hope that no matter where you choose to serve your meal in Sibiu, you will try at least one traditional dish.

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