Top 4 places to visit in Oradea

The City Hall, ©Nigel’s Europe/Flickr

The beautiful city of Oradea is located in the northwestern part of Romania, not very far from the Hungarian border. Like every major city, Oradea has its own river, called the “Crisul Repede”. The city has a long history going back to the first millennium. It was mentioned firstly in a document in 1113. In the beginning Oradea was a fortress which expanded and it was declared to be a town in the year of 1235. Today Oradea is a modernistic city counting more than 225,000 residents. It still has its fortress, besides  modern age features and many buildings and structures of the last centuries. Oradea is truly a place to visit.

Defending Oradea: the Fortress

The fortress of Oradea was built between 1114-1131 A.D. In the year of 1241 a Mongolian migratory tribe, the Tatars have destroyed it, but later, between the years of 1570-1589 it was rebuilt in Italian style. The fortress was extended between 1717-1780. In previous years the fortress has been restored and gone through a major process of transformation.

Fort at the Oradea Citadel ruins, ©access.denied/Flickr

The area around it has been made into a beautiful park which is lovely for picnics and afternoon walks. The fortress is shaped as a five-pointed star and it has become one of the most often used symbols of the city. When you pass through Oradea, make sure you peek in and visit its Fortress. You will not regret it.

The City Hall

The City Hall building was constructed between the years of 1902-1903. Previously on its spot a Roman-Catholic bishop’s old building stood which was built according to Kálmán Ramóczy’s conception and also under his direction. The building’s façade was built in a neo-classic style which is very appealing as its highest floor has four allegorical layers.

The City Hall, ©Nigel’s Europe/Flickr

In the center of the city, next to the City Hall, where the Cris River flows through, stands a 50m high clock-tower, a place much loved by owls. The clock mechanism is more than a hundred years old, although it still works perfectly and tells the time to the people passing by.

The Beautiful Theatre

The plans for the theatre building of Oradea were made by a Vienesse firm named Fellner and Helmer, who designed over 50 theatres all over Europe. Vilmos Rendes, József Guttman and Kálmán Rimanóczy Jr., the executors of the construction, managed to complete the building in record time. In the year of 1900, on the 15th of October the curtains were lifted and the building was inaugurated. This was a very important day because it was also the day when electricity was introduced in an institution for the very first time.

Theatre in Oradea, ©usabin/Flickr

If you like the stage house you must visit the theatre of Oradea which brilliantly ornamented on the inside and also was recently renovated on the outside. While you are at the theatre you can experience some Romanian culture and attend a show.

The County Library

The county library of Oradea was built in the year of 1905 and it is a working institution since then. The building is a mixture of Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo styles. A beautiful building that is worth seeing when you visit the city.

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