Top 3 unique Romanian attractions

When I thought about the title of this post, I wanted to tell you about those places that are extremely beautiful but that not many people know about. The great part about them is that they are secluded, that you are alone with nature, its wonders and power. Therefore, top 3 unique Romanian attractions is dedicated to those who love nature more than manmade creations.

The Dubova Gulf

At a distance of 20 km of Orsova, in Mehedinti County, nature has shaped and arranged its own, very cozy and comfortable, ‘home’. What did it do exactly? It took two things: mountains and water … and arranged them in a very interesting manner for the travelers’ eyes. In fact, the whole framework looks like a theater scene with forested mountains and navigable water. This gulf is placed at the entry of the Danube on the territory of Romania and links the two sectors of the Danube’s Gorge, known as ‘Cazane’ (Caldrones). Once you’re there, you no longer feel you’re on Earth, the place is extremely beautiful and quiet and absolutely perfect to contemplate nature and its wonderful artistic talent.

The Beusnita Waterfall

This is in fact a series of waterfalls (of which the largest is over 15 meters) on the Bei River, upstream from the Ochiul Beului Lake. The limestone ground is the reason why numerous waterfalls were born. Located in a protected area (in the National Park Nera-Beusnita, Caras-Severin County), Beusnitei Falls is a real monument of nature, but also a place of significant landscape, geological and tourist value. This waterfall lies in a completely forested area. The first waterfall has a height of 15 meters and is covered with green moss. Advancing a few steps to the left of the waterfall and passing the path, you will reach the second waterfall, smaller but more developed in width. After another climb on the path, there is the third waterfall, more spectacular and wild.

The Red Gulch

Near Sebes, the Red Gulch is a spectacular natural landscape. Its forms seem to emerge from a science fiction film and give tourists the feeling that they are in another world. In fact, this place actually means a huge, steep, red valley. The walls of the gulch have a height of 80 to 100 m; digging in the ground, the water formed strange and impressive shapes similar to towers, niches, chimneys and red pyramids. Here, there is also one of the largest caves developed in the ground. In 1950, the Red Gulch was declared a natural monument due to its beauty and uniqueness. Its color comes from the iron oxides in the composition of the soil.

What do you think? Are these worthy of being listed as the top 3 unique Romanian attractions? I may have been subjective, but I firmly believe that the power of nature and its creations are unbelievably beautiful.

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