Top 3 trips around Cluj

Although Cluj has so many wonderful adventures to offer and so many beautiful places to see, you might want to consider taking some trips around Cluj, as the area surrounding it is also definitely worth visiting. Just think about it! This amazing city is surrounded by mountains. Can you even imagine what other interesting places are waiting for you to discover?

Therefore let’s review together a top 3 trips around Cluj:

1.SalinaTurda (Turda salt mine)


Once you get to Turda city, you should have no difficulties in finding your way to the salt mine. There are many road signs that show the direction there. The entrance fee is 15 RON (around $ 3) and the corridor to the salt’s hall is working as a tampon area between the outside temperature and the mine’s one (which stick around 10 degrees throughout the whole year). Make sure you dress accordingly.

The salt mine has been renovated in 2010 and since then the ever higher number of tourists coming from various parts of the world to visit it is a confirmation of the great job that was done. You will be impressed by the modern structure of the mine and by the numerous activities it offers from bowling and ping pong to sailing little boats on the lake situated on the lower part of the mine.

2. Cheile Turzii (Turda Gorges)


As you must have guessed by now, Cheile Turzii is a destination also located in Turda city (only 30 km away from Cluj). Your daytrip that began in Turda Salt Mine can now continue with Turga Gorges, an amazing natural reserve with a flora of more than 1,000 plant species and a fauna of 67 species. Just imagine yourself walking in the beautiful woods or alongside Aries river and admiring the breathtaking landscape. You will come across many caves (there are 60 caves known), almost all of them of a small size. If you are a fan of outdoor sports you might also want to know that Cheile Turzii is one of the main rock climbing sites in Romania.

3.Tarnita Lake


Tarnita Lake should also be taken into consideration when discussing about a top 3 trips around Cluj. Situated at only 27 km away from the city, this beautiful lake, second in size from the region, after Gialu Lake, is the perfect place for a relaxing walk or picnic in the nature. You will notice the high number of villas and pensions built on its shore and the high number of locals spending their weekend here. Do not miss this destination!

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