Top 3 clubs and discos in Cluj

The first thing you should know about Romanians is that they know how to have fun. Cluj is definitely one of the cities where one can have a great time, regardless of ones budget. If you don’t know already, Cluj is the second most populous city in Romania, therefore you can find a lot of clubs, cafes or restaurants, for everyone’s taste and possibility. Next I’ll present you Top 3 clubs and discos in Cluj:  

Diesel Club

Diesel Club is the oldest club in Cluj and it is situated in one of the most spacious basement in the center of the city. It has one of the most performing air conditioning installations, so you will not feel the smoke or the stuffiness. You’ll enjoy this club because all kind of parties, jazz performances, live concerts or karaoke shows take place here. So you will definitely not be bored. Being a central location, the prizes are a little bit high, but it worth it. You can also pay with your credit card, which is an advantage for those who are afraid of losing their money. Diesel Club is a great place for organizing your birthday party, for meeting new people or for dating.

After Eight Cocktail Club

After Eight Cocktail Club is also a great choice, due to its location, in the center of the city, and its particularity. So you can choose to come here just for fun, for meeting your friends or for participating at special events organized every day. This location is perfect for all kind of people- teenagers, young men or adults- due to the thematic evenings. Based on the theme, you can listen all types of music, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s. Also, you can participate at evenings for students, concerts or theatre performances. For example, every Wednesday, in After Eight Cocktail Club The Bracelets Party takes place. Based on the color of the bracelet you can find your love or your soul mate. The prices are very good.

Irish Music Pub

If you are into the Irish traditions you definitely will love Irish Music Pub. This club is also situated in the center of Cluj and it is ideal for those who want to listen live music, to relax watching videos or just grab a bite to eat. Here you can enjoy rock music or folk music. A big advantage of this location is the program. It is open till04.00 a.m., so you will have plenty of time to have fun.

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I hope I got your interest in Top 3 clubs and discos in Cluj and that you’ll experience the fascinated nightlife of this city.


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