Tips for visitors in Sinaia

One of the most beautiful mountain resorts in Romania, Sinaia represents a unique mélange of exquisite nature, rich culture and history, which explains its being permanently visited by thousands and thousands of tourists every year. This article will focus on visitor tips for Sinaia so as to better understand why it is also known as the ‘Pearl of the Carpathians’. The place is very beautiful with many Saxon-style homes and weekend houses, tree-fringed streets and small forest-like parks, it is a real gem. You will find all kinds of accommodations here from pensions to four-star hotels, shops and restaurants but none takes anything of the town’s rural charm.


Sinaia is 122 km far from Bucharest and 49 km far from Brasov, at the foot of the ‘Varful cu Dor’, ‘Furnica’ and ‘Piatra Arsa’ Mountains (which are part of the larger Bucegi Mountains, in the Southern chain of the Carpathians). In the West, Sinaia is bordered by a steep flank of the Bucegi Mountains, over 1000 m high. The mountains around Sinaia are full of well marked hiking routes, of different difficulties, any trip within such breathtaking landscape being a real delight.

History facts

Following a pilgrimage on Mountain Sinai, in 1695, the squire Mihai Cantacuzino had a monastery built in a place inhabited only occasionally by shepherds and their herds. The monastery was named Sinaia. Two very small villages appeared near the monastery as the squire named 40 men to guard the holy place. Obviously, with the passing of time the two villages developed and then united, forming the nucleus of today’s Sinaia. As such, in 1880 it became a city. In 1873, King Carol I decided to built there the summer residence of the royal family. The Peles Castel was inaugurated on the October 7th 1888, the initial architectural plans changing constantly under the revision of three architects. Since Sinaia was intensely visited by the royal family it soon became a luxurious resort for the rich people of Romania. Though nowadays this is only a dim and distant memory, the elegant hotels and restaurants still give a ‘royal’ glamor to the place.

Access routes

Peles Castle in Sinaia

To get to Sinaia, regardless of the place you come from, you can choose either the train or the car. The trains that stop in Sinaia come either from Bucharest, Brasov or Ploiesti, the train station being located in front of the ‘Caraiman’ Hotel. The main road that crosses Sinaia, from North to South, is DN1 (E60) which meets DN 71 coming from Targoviste, through Pucioasa, Fieni and Moroieni.

This article on tips for visitors in Sinaia is meant to highlight its important place within Romanian tourism and in the heart of Romanians everywhere.

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