Tips for shoping in Timisoara

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Timisoara has many commercial centers opened both in the main squares of the city as in the subways.  Therefore, a few tips for shopping in Timisoara might be useful for everyone who is thinking of passing by this city. First of all it might be good to know that Romania, though member of the European Union still maintains LEU as its currency. You can of course find shops that accept Euros or dollars but it would be easier for you to exchange them to LEU.

Iulius Mall Timisoara

You cannot visit Timisoara without visiting the biggest mall of the city. That is Iulius Mall Timisoara. It is located close to the historical center of Timisoara and is spread over 73.375 square meters. The commercial center has three general levels and a terrace occupied by smaller buildings. The mall was opened in 2005 and extended in 2009. It has 330 stores, the biggest and most appreciated brands such as Zara, Guara, Adidas, Office, Nike, Geox , 2500 parking spaces, a food court with a capacity of receiving 1700 persons, a kids land, 18 fast-food places. Practically you have here everything you could wish for.  My advice to you is to wait for the big sales in August and February, the prices can drop by 50% and even 70% . That is a real bargain, I can guarantee you.

Local shops

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If you are curious to taste the traditional products made in Timisoara then the best way to do that is buying them from the local shops. You can find dairy and meat shops that still keep the traditional receipts as the base for their products, family businesses that are quite appreciated due to their high quality: Pravalia Veche (Old Shop). Remembering the places you’ve visited is always easier with the right souvenir: magnets, art objects, popular costumes, masks, hand crafted objects. Therefore, you must be informed on the best shops in Timisoara that sell handicrafts or personalized souvenirs. Then,  Bega Shopping center or Popas Galleries located close to the city center might be the perfect places for you.  If you really love wine, then the best is not an option but a necessity for you. You should therefore, pass by the wine cellars in Timisoara and pick one of the various types of wine produced in the western part of Romania. Best wine cellars here are Recas, Basilescu. More details on the latest one you cand find here

Timisoara might not be the one of the most luxurious and glamorous shopping centers in Europe but you pretty much have everything you could wish for. I just hope my Tips for shopping in Timisoara were helpful and you can always send us your advices based on your personal experience.

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