Timisoara and the Revolution of 1989 II

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We continue the display of the most significant page of history during the modern Romania period during our post Timisoara and the Revolution of 1989.

After the revolution in Timisoara, Ceausescu decides the ultimate solution to exit this social crisis. Thus, on December 21, 1989, Nicoalae Ceausescu organizes a protest in the Palace Square. The gathering was meant to be in support of Nicolae Ceausescu and to be made up of trustworthy people. During the protest, Nicolae Ceausescu promises salary and pension increases and subventions for the new-born. He also speaks about the need to protect the country against the foreign influences that attempt at its integrity and gives thanks to the ones who organized the protest. This protest was live broadcasted on Tv and radio. This strategy will soon turn against Ceausescu.  Instead of receiving applauses, an incredible noise it is heard from the crowd that becomes stronger and stronger. Elena Ceausescu, his wine and the second person in charge of the Communist Party advises him to continue his speech but Nicolae Ceausescu is absolutely bewildered, he cannot understand the reaction of the people.

The Revolution in Bucharest

The people that gathered in the squared withdraw and reorganize close to Intercontinental hotel. The army is ordered to shoot against those present in the square without exception. The repression began at midnight under the orders of General Vasile Milea, the minister of National Defence. The situation becomes absolutely unimaginable, people were found shot or ran over by cars. Ceausescu was informed that the crowd was dispersed.  At 1 a.m, minister Milea shot himself and the army turned against Ceausescu. An emergency state was instituted in Romania. At the news of the events in Bucharest the workers from industrial areas march towards the Capital. In the morning, University Square was packed with people.

The end of Revolution

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On December 22, due to the support of the army and security forces, Nicolae Ceausescu and his wife escape with a helicopter and are caught in Targoviste. There are still many questions marks regarding the trial that sent them to death by shooting. In the meanwhile, confrontations between the crowds and the so called terrorists take place in Bucharest and in other cities. It was not proved till the present time weather the fear of terrorists was justified or not.  The number of victims during the Revolution raised to 1142 people killed, 3138 injured and 730 arrested.

Timisoara and the Revolution of 1989 ended with the declaration of the Communist regime and with a new political union that took over the government of the country- the National Salvation front.  You can find more details of the revolution of 1989 at http://www.newworldencyclopedia.org/entry/Revolutions_of_1989.

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