Things you did not know about Constanta

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It is impossible to get all the necessary information about a city during a holiday. That is why Things you did not know about Constanta will try to bring you both interesting and even juicy information about this area but also data or facts that might be useful to your stay. I hope these information will try to bring you even more closer to Constanta.

Radu Mazare, the mayor of Constanta

We will talk about an unusual attraction of Constanta, about this mayor of this lovely city. He is nothing like other mayors. His actions can be considered either extravagant or innovative. It is up to you to decide that. He is an exotic figure without any doubt. At his At his 42 years, Radu Mazare surely knew how to become a star of Constanta. He is mostly known for being a playboy of Constanta, always surrounded by beautiful girls and for his army costumes. Radu Mazare is also in Top 300 richest people in Romania, being called by the media as a local baron. Radu Mazare must also be acknowledged for his achievements: he takes a great care of the retired people in Constanta, he built houses for young couples, Radu Mazare was the one to bring the “telegondola in Mamaia” from where you can admire the entire city and part of the Romanian seaside.

Did you know?

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Did you know that Constanta is the oldest city that is attested in Romania? Probably not. The city was attested in 657 BC, when on the place of the present peninsula a Greek colony was created. I am talking about Tomis, of course.  Tomis means in Greek – cut, splinter. Another explanation of the name can be traced back to a Herodot legend that speaks of a Scythian tribe that lived between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.  Tomis was conquered by the Romans in 71BC and became Constantia after the name of the Sister of Constantine the Great.  Also, Constanta is the greatest port at the Black Sea, occupying the 4th place in Europe.  Another interesting thing you might not know is the Casino in Constanta is the single art nouveau building in Romania. The Casino was renovated and now is a symbol on Constanta. The Casino was built in 1909 and it suffered many changes of style during the years. Daniel Renard being the architect who decided to change the Romanian style to be applied on the construction in favor of the Art Nouveau one.

Thing you did not know about Constanta tried to sequentially bring you some essential data about Constanta that could help you in understand the lifestyle of this people and to grasp the particular way of living of Constanta. You should remember how important our past is for the way we live our present lives and to the way we build our future.

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