The Peles Castle – a Romanian landmark

This castle is, without a doubt, one of Romania’s wonders. This is really a clichéd statement, I agree, but it is also the bare truth. The Peles Castle – a Romanian landmark is astonishing on the outside and on the inside as well due to its being situated within a wonderful mountain landscape and to its having been preserved in its original state to a great extent.

Flowing stories …

The head of the Public Relations Department says that the name of the castle comes from the creek nearby. The royal couple’s first child was in love with it, convinced that it tells stories. Carol I was impressed by the wilderness of the places and nostalgic for his native land (Germany) decided to build a summer residence. After the king’s abdication all goods were inventoried and tagged by the best specialists of the time. According to King Carol’s testamentary wishes, the castle became a museum and the collections of paintings and arms remained the property of the Romanian people. The collection of weapons, for instance, is one of the most impressive in Europe.

Information for and about tourists

To keep the interest of tourists alive, the administration decided to permanently change the rooms which are open to visitors. The rooms are open to the public in rotation to avoid a tour being too long, to excite curiosity and to protect certain components against being worn off or damaged.

The castle managers say that the target audience profile is women, 30 years, of least secondary education. To attract another category of visitors as well, namely men, it was decided to set up a collection of weapons in the castle. However, because of the economic crisis in recent years the number of tourists decreased, especially the Romanian ones. Foreign tourists are more interested in the history of the castle which is demonstrated by the number of foreign visitors (80%) who request more information on various details. The castle is closed to the public in November to perform general cleaning.

Tourists that have been at Peles say that the entry contrasts with the castle as it doesn’t prepare you for the luxury behind the doors. Furthermore, the precarious state of the statues and the cracks in the exterior walls might also seem disappointing at first but rest assured, what you will find within the castle is breathtaking.

The current situation

The castle was returned to the royal family in 2006. Following an agreement with the Romanian state, they have signed a lease for the period 2006-2013, after which it will be returned to the royal house. Since it is not sure if the castle will still be opened to visitors from 2013 onwards, you have about 2 more years to visit the Peles castle, a true Romanian landmark. Don’t miss it!

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