The oldest buildings in Suceava

Whoever knows but more importantly, whoever loves Suceava is fully aware that there are not that many cities in the country on whose streets you should be nervous to walk. Why? Well, you have to be quiet so as to hear the steps of those who passed by through this city thousands and thousands of years ago. You can see their shadows on the walls of the oldest buildings in Suceava or you can listen to the pulse of that dim and ancient past under the stones of the same buildings. You will understand then, that Suceava is a vivid and dense chronicle of the Romanian continuity and vitality.

The Royal Inn

The main feature of the oldest building in Suceava, the Royal Inn (built at the end of the sixteenth century), is the ground floor with thick stone walls and arched windows. During the Austrian occupation, the first floor was also built and the inn was transformed into a hunting castle. The atmosphere of this period is illustrated with specific objects for this occupation – rifles, pistols and daggers. The parlor is decorated with wild boar fur so as to impress its visitors even more. There is also a room which exhibits household items used to cook the hunted animals. The basement with two rooms connected by a vaulted aisle is an attraction by their architecture and the restoration of their functionality. In the entrance area, there are some barrels for beverages and food exposed and the second room is arranged with tables and a wine cellar along with wood and ceramic objects. Currently, the building houses the Museum of Ethnography and Folk Art of Suceava. You should know that, usually, the museum is closed on Mondays but opened from Tuesday to Sunday on a regular basis.

The Burdujeni Railway Station

Built by the Romanian state in 1902, it was an important railway station at the former northern border with Austria-Hungary. The building followed the model of the Frieburg station in Switzerland and its architectural line (polished red brick entirely) was reminiscent of the French school of the time. It has a beautiful baroque hall, impressive in size and architecture, which originally serves as the reception room and goods office.  Currently, the railway station is called Station Suceava and is the most important railway junction in the county.

There are other buildings of the same period as the railway station, such as the Administrative Palace or the Palace of Justice but this one is more spectacular. The idea is that whichever of the oldest buildings in Suceava you choose to visit, you will not be disappointed: you get interesting historic accounts and beautiful architecture to admire.

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