The most popular clubs in Iasi

It’s party time! I thought that a lengthy article about the best places to spend an evening out might quite successful. Let’s face it: no matter how interesting the museums, memorial houses, parks or gardens are, at the end of the day you just want to loosen up and really relax. Some of you might do that by going for a walk around the city, most of the others are curious to see how Romanian people have fun during the night. A quick stop to the most popular clubs in Iasi will not let you down. Partying is something we really know how to do and for us music is indeed an international language.

Club XS

XS Club Iasi was opened on March 7, 2003 and soon became one of the most popular clubs in the country due to the celebrations that took place there. This club is located downtown Iasi, behind the Palace of Culture, close to the student campus ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’. Club XS is dedicated especially to lovers of quality music (electronic mostly, but not only). In addition to Romanian and international DJs, rock music lovers also find here a perfect place to spend time (especially during the evenings devoted to them). The club hosts live concerts, dnb evenings, techno, trance and many other less promoted styles (mostly on Friday and Saturday).

The Office Lounge Iasi

Located downtown Iasi, at hotel Ramada, Club The Office Lounge offers a specially designed space for entertainment and nightlife in Iasi. Only the most famous DJ in or outside the country are invited for incendiary nights. The place also organizes private parties if you like to have fun just with your friends. All in all, this is a sophisticated place for sophisticated people.

Club Hypnotic

The name is chosen for hypnotic atmosphere that the club promises. You will experience a stress therapy with good music, modern design, quality services and bartenders’ shows. The club is located on Codrescu 6, near a car wash and arranged in a former industrial plant. As a bonus, a team of four dancers heat up the atmosphere to the delight of customers. The club has a capacity of 350 seats, 14 tables, white comfortable couches, low tables, LCDs in large numbers, a huge bar on the right and a VIP booth that can be protected from curious eyes by curtains. The booth is decorated with an impressive chandelier, from ceiling to floor, for a glamorous atmosphere. In this booth the music is not as loud as in the rest of the club.

Of course there are many more places where you can have fun, depending on the type of personality you are. What is important is that the most popular clubs in Iasi are there to give their best to make a pleasant and outstanding atmosphere for everybody.

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