The most beautiful catholic complex in Romania

The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace, ©korom/Flickr

The Diocese is a Roman Catholic ecclesiastical area which is based in Oradea. The institution covers the counties of Arad and Bihor. 10.5% of the population in these counties is Catholic. The associates of the Diocese are predominantly Hungarian speaking people. The institution in Oradea is the subordinate association of the Archdiocese of the Romanian capitol, Bucharest.

Since the year of 1990 Joseph Tempfli is the bishop of the institution. The Diocese is a beautiful complex of which belongs a wonderful basilica, a building known as The Canon’s Row and the Roman Catholic Bishop Palace. When you visit Oradea we recommend you to take a look at these religious legacies.

The Roman-Catholic Basilica

The Basilica was built in 1752-1780 and is the biggest monument designed in baroque style in the country of Romania. Important relics are kept in the buildings museum department, among which is the relic of St. Ladislas, which is used periodically in religious ceremonies. The particular relic is the gilded torso of St. Ladislas.

The Roman-Catholic Basilica, ©korom/Flickr

A great number of believers attend services in this building in front of which a bronze statue is placed. The statue is of St. Ladislas, who was a king. The interior of the basilica is filled up with frescos and painted with admirable pictures of saints and scenes from the Bible. It is a place worth visiting in Oradea.

The Canon’s Row

The building called the Canon’s Row was constructed based on the conception of Paul Forgach. The building has served as a house for ecclesiastical individuals. The Canon’s Row was built in approximately 100 years between 1750 and 1875. It has a unique aspect thanks to the 253 m long arched passage which is supported by 56 massive columns.

The Canon’s Row , ©korom/Flickr

The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace

The Roman Catholic Bishop Palace is located only a few blocks away from Oradea’s Central Railway Station. It is the largest palace in Oradea which has 100 rooms and many windows, more precisely 365. This also baroque styled structure was based on the project of Franz Anton Hildebrandt, who was an Austrian architect. In the year of 1963 the bishop not having enough money, gave the right to use and renovate the building to the city, but the ownership still belonged to the Catholic Church.

The Roman-Catholic Bishop Palace, korom/Flickr

Later, in the year of 1996 the church initiated a legal procedure in order to reobtain the palace, which happened in 2004. The museum inside the institution has a vast collection, having more than 250 000 exhibits on display. The exhibits are classified into four categories: history, arts, science of nature and ethnography. All in all, the catholic complex of Oradea is a remarkable and valuable heritage which is definitely a must see landmark.

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