The most ‘appealing’ museums in Romania

I don’t know what you are thinking of when reading this title but I’m sure you guessed it’s some other type of museums than the ones you’re used to. For me, the most appealing museums in Romania are the wine museums, where everything you find out about wine and vineyards comes wrapped up in delicious and various types of wine. What can be more exciting than wine tasting in a place that glorifies wine?          

The Museum of Wine and Vineyards Iasi

This museum surprises its visitors through the diversity of the objects displayed and through the power to make them forget about their daily lives and relive the history of the wine inMoldova. Bathing in an oasis of green and fragrance of royal wine, the mansion where the museum is organized awaits visitors at Hârl?u, a village nearIasi. The moment you open the metal gate, you have to spend some minutes to fully comprehend the rustic elements that decorate the yard. The large barrels, the tables and chairs made from thick logs, the cobbled alleys and the silence of the place prepare you for the journey to follow. You get into the museum through a massive wooden door. Immediately on the right, there are some souvenirs: little books, postcards, bottles of wine. Then, in each of the rooms to follow, visitors live, one by one, the most important moments in the life of a man. As such, this place is unique inMoldovaand rivals the most important museums in the world. Moreover, it is the only museum in the country that organizes visits at night, especially in the summer. Wine tastings take place are in the park in front of the mansion. The museum can be visited from Monday to Sunday, from 08.00 to 18.00. For larger groups of tourists, you should to make reservations 24 hours in advance, as rooms cannot accommodate more than 30 people at once.

The Murfatlar Wine Cellar

Though the Museumof Winein Iasiis the most famous in the country, you can experience something similar if you ever pass through Constanta, a city in the south-eastern side of Romania, on the shore of the Black Sea. There, in the middle of the Murfatlar vineyards, you can visit another museum of wine. The rules are basically the same: you get acquainted with the history of the wine in the region (Murfatlar, for instance, is a very famous wine inRomania) and you taste different wines while doing this.

I don’t know about you but I think that visiting this kind of museums is very interesting and fun so that they can indeed be names the most appealing museums in Romania. And very tasteful …

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