The Botanical Garden of Cluj Napoca

A place that no visitor of the city should miss and which is well known and appreciated by the locals is the Botanical Garden of Cluj Napoca. This is a true oasis of peace but also a research place for students of Biology. Even though it is manmade, believe this garden is all about nature, you forget you are in the middle of a large city, you forget about your stressful life and just go on enjoying the beauty and greatness of nature.


The garden lies on 14 hectares of corrugated and rough soil, which allows the cultivation of a variety of plants. It was founded in 1920 by Professor Alexandru Borza to whom a statue was erected on the left part of the access alley. The institution is under the patronage of ‘Babes-Bolyai’ University and is a founding member of the Botanical Gardens of Romania Association. The place includes a Botanical Museum, exhibiting preserved plants or fragments of plants, a herbarium (this is the largest in the country with 650,000 sheets of plants, being an important research place for botanists).


In the three greenhouses, plants from the entire world can be admired and studied. Thus, the palm trees greenhouse includes 80 species of palms – ornamental, important for industries (oil palm, coconut) or coming from various areas: Asia, Australia, Japan, and the Canary Islands.

Very enjoyable is the aquatic greenhouse where you can admire the Amazon lotus (Victoria Amazon), which occupies much of the central basin, whose leaves can reach up to 1.5 m in diameter and whose flowers are formed from spring to autumn, lasts only 24 hours, changing color from white to pink. Its leaves can support the weight of a child.

Typical gardens

A place with charm is the Japanese Garden, where you can also see, besides the flora of this country, specific architectural elements. The Roman Garden is on the right, dominated by the statue of the Goddess Ceres around whom there are archaeological pieces dating from the time when the Cluj was a Roman city and plants that once adorned Roman gardens.

The Botanical Garden of Cluj Napoca has developed collaborative relationships with 450 institutions from 80 countries worldwide. As a curiosity, the botanical garden is home for a family who actually lives there. In many occasions, the garden is the perfect place for shooting sessions at events such as weddings or graduations. The best time to visit the garden is from spring to summer when the tulips on the driveway entrance and the cactus flowers in greenhouses delight the senses of any visitor.

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