Staying in Iasi

I know it must have become a routine by now to have an article about accommodation whenever a city or a region is concerned. It is unavoidable I guess since though it is not as interesting as the sightseeing section, it is nonetheless vital. As far as staying inIasiconcerned, the offer is rich and various. Whether you want to enjoy the luxury of a four stars complex or you just want decent conditions to sleep and eat, you will find exactly what you want.


Your choice of the hotel you’re staying in depends, of course, of the nature of your visit in Iasi. This city has prepared itself for every occasion: business trips, holidays, family gatherings, nothing is forgotten. A simple search on the Internet will reveal numerous choices of which I will mention only a few: Hotel Unirea, Best Western Astoria Hotel, Hotel Select, Traian Grand Hotel or Hotel Moldova. These are three or four stars hotels which provide services such as: wireless Internet, conference centers, multi-purpose rooms, free parking and even indoor pools, sauna and gym. People are warm and nice and very willing to make your sojourn there pleasant and fun. Therefore, choosing a place to stay in Iasi should be the least of your worries since you simply cannot not find something to fit your taste.


There are people saying that music is an international language but I think food is just as international and a wonderful method to bridge gaps between cultures and bring people closer to each other. Needless to say, every hotel provides you this service as well. If you’re inIasion a business trip, this may be advantageous since you may not have the time to explore the city. However, if you’re here on holiday, feel free to try the following: Cosmopolitan Restaurant, Cavalerul Medieval (The Medieval Knight Restaurant), Cassanova Restaurant,La Castel(To the Castle Restaurant). The offer there elegantly combines traditional Romanian cuisine with international one so you could experience something new and familiar at the same time. As you can see, eating out might be just another chance to know the city, its people and its traditions better.

All in all, Iasiis not a city where you can get bored. Everything, from hotels to restaurants, museums, parks and so on is designed so as to make your staying in Iasi more enjoyable and you feel more welcomed.

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