Special Events in Constanta

Being one of the biggest cities in Romania, its cultural and artistic life is really intense. Thus, Special Events in Constanta, especially during summer time is quite often. We will present some of the future concerts and festivals that already gained tradition in Constanta: Mix Music Evolution Tour, Youth Festival and Orange Summer Party. Let me mention from the beginning that this post will not transform into an undercover advertisement to different brands but will simply present the events that are organized or sponsored by them.

Mix Music Evolution

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Mix Music Evolution takes place between 4 and 5 August and is organized for the second time in Constanta. The event is supported by Lidle, Argus Beer and Saguaro Waer. The tour includes some of the best Romanian artists of the moment, such as Proconsul, Andreea Banica and Petrisor, Keo while the presenters of the tour are Catalin Maruta and Ema Stefan. The party begins every Saturday and Sunday at 13 o clock in Lidle stores where the fans of the bands can meet with them for a photographic sessions and autographs.

Youth festival

Youth Festival will take place in Constanta between 15-26 August at the Summer Theater in Jupiter Resort. The Youth Festival is an international folklore and pop music. Pop music takes place between 15 and 19 August while the Folklore one between 22 and 26 August. The festival is at its 8th edition. The winners will receive professional violins and money.

Orange summer party

Oramge Summer Party is one of the most expected musical events of the year. It takes place in the most famous and beautiful resort of Constanta county, in Mamaia. This is the seventh edition of Orange Summer Party. During the years, Orange brought here international artists such as Akon, Mika and this year, Jessica J will perform at H2O Beach in Mamaia on Saturday, July 28.


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K1 fans will be pleased to find out that on July 14, Fightmania will take place in Constanta. The event gathers the best K1 fighters that will compete for Sharks Fight Championship League (SFC) World Belt. Fightmania is organized by KERU KENTO Constanta art club and will take place at Sport’s Hall. The tickets will be soon put for sale thus if you want a seat at this exciting event then you should definitely book a seat.  It will be a onetime experience!

Wheatear you are a sports fan or you just enjoy music, Constanta has plenty of events to offer you. It is up to you to get more information, checking out http://www.travelinconstanta.com/en/event/liberty-parade


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