Souvenirs in Sighisoara

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Sighisoara is not famous for its malls but the center of the city is full of boutiques that sell all kind of souvenirs: from postcards, to photo albums, magnets to various pieces of antiquities and furniture, Sighisoara souvenirs come in many shapes and forms.

Art souvenir store

Located at the ground floor of Casa Baroca (Baroca House), Art Souvenir store promotes traditional objects, traditional art and handcraft objects from all around Romania. You can find here different types of objects from various periods of time, handcrafted, sacred images, decorative objects, all unique and handmade. You can easily discover some precious paintings or objects in this store.

Life House Enterprise Sighisoara (Casa vietii Enterprise Sighisoara)

Sighisoara ©

Founded in 2008, the house offers porcelain objects of fine quality from coups to plates and all kinds of objects. During the Sighisoara Medieval Festival, tourists choose between taking part at shows and the hundreds of souvenir boutiques where you can buy masks, temporary marriage certificates and different kind of jewelries. The popular craftsman offer demonstration of popular art by inviting tourists that want to discover their artistic skills and are eager of understanding the art of ancient crafts. Wood sculptures, ceramics, copper objects can be admired and bought at reasonable prices. Many houses host art exhibits for sale, many of the objects being personal creations. Painters offer portraits to tourists or paint landscapes of the city. The illustrate collection of Sighisoara offer the pretext to return back in time, in the medieval atmosphere, full of mystery of the old Sighisoara

Since Dracula Spirit is all over the place, souvenirs that carry the symbol of Dracul vampire could not miss. Nobody leaves the city without buying a vampire costume, vampire teeth or Dracula cape. Tee-shirts with Vlad the Impeller, which have Sighisoara written on one side and Dracula on the other complete the variety of souvenir dedicated to Dracula.

Romanian craftsmanship or our passion for handmade objects, our taste for the beauty of things, the pleasure to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in our home but also the pleasure of offering gifts, a small symbol for our friends turns us into great admirers of authentic and beautiful things.

Tourists that visit this medieval fortress can bring back home Sighisoara souvenirs: a card, a postcard, handmade objects, a magnet, and ceramic vases. Souvenir and craftsman stores offer a large variety of special and priceless objects. If I have managed to stir your curiosity then check out

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