Sinaia Forever Festival

If you decided to “discover” Sinaia, the best moment to do so would be during the Autumn Festival, more recently called, the Sinaia Forever Festival. In this case, you would not only enjoy the mountain air and hiking usually associated to this resort but you could also transform your evenings in pleasant walks and attractive and interesting shows.

What you can do

What exactly happens during this festival, you might ask. You can walk freely through downtown (where cars are prohibited during the festival) admiring various people dressed in old-fashioned costumes, vintage car exhibitions, ballet shows for children, dance or theater performances, puppet shows on the improvised stages. Famous or less famous painters can draw your portrait in just a few minutes. You can admire and buy from the craftsmen masks and costumes, pottery and ceramics, paintings and so on. You can draw with chalk on the street or let yourself be painted by amateurs in the city park.  It is a time when the streets can be called “the street of the skillful hands” and the trees get names like “the tree of dreams”, “the tree of love”, “the tree of history” or “the tree of children”. Taverns and pubs are set up in the middle of the street, being just the place for beer and barbecue passionate. As such, you can savor you meatball (traditionally called “mititei” or “mici” – in the plural, a sort of meatball made of pork or lamb meat, very popular in Romania) in the light of oil lamps …

About the festival

Each evening ends with a superb live concert in the city park with rock, folk or pop music. As such if you are not watching a theatre play in the Casino, you can listen to very good music in the royal park (named the Dimitrie Ghica Park). And to make it a success, the last day of the festival ends with a wonderful fireworks display that shines over the whole of Sinaia. Each edition of the festival has its own theme so as to make it more attractive and never the same. In 2009, the theme was “Culture within the Nature”, the aim being to create the perfect symbiosis between culture, civilization, having fun, party and show within an imaginary avenue named “the Green Avenue”. In 2010, the festival wanted to teach all its visitors about the history of skiing, so the theme was “Ski Lessons”. Thus, the Carol Avenue was this time set up as a gigantic ski slope where everyone was invited to learn about skiing and to learn how to ski.

All in all, Sinaia is more alive than never during the Sinaia Forever Festival. What is wonderful about this festival is that it’s not all about fun and partying, it is also about getting in touch with history, culture, art, in a word the “beautiful”.

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