Sights and attractions if you are traveling to Arad city

Ioan Slavici Theatre, ©jns001/Flickr

Arad city is located in the western part of Romania, close to the Hungarian border and is crossed by the Mureş River. The city is an industrial center and has an important railroad junction. When travelling to Arad you better be prepared and manage your time because there are many things to see in this beautiful city. Arad is also a very important economic and cultural city full of hospitable people, wonderful places to visit and sights to see. There is something for all kinds of demands: you can take a nice walk along the lovely riverside of the Mureş, stroll around one of the many parks, visit museums and memorial houses, churches and monasteries or enjoy

Get in touch with nature

One of the most important natural attractions is the Mureș River, its banks and the parks that surround it. There is a children’s park and other two parks along the riverside.

Mures River, ©SorinNechita/Flickr

There is an island on the river called Mureș Island, an original sight dotted by villas and a rich forest vegetation. It is a nice place to spend a romantic weekend and relaxing vacation. Near the city lays the Ceala Forest, which has a lovely natural lake. So if you want to get away from all the city noises we recommend you take a stroll in the woods nearby.

Soak up some Romanian culture and history

One of the most important cultural sights of Arad city is its Art Museum which is also an architectural monument. Inside the museum there are exhibited paintings of Romanian, French, Hungarian, Italian and Dutch artists.

Arad Catholic Cathedral, ©SorinNechit/Flickr

There is also an Archeology Museum that is worth visiting while you pass through Arad. Churches and monasteries form a great part of Romanian culture. Visit the baroque style Serbian Church which was built in the year of 1698 by a captain with the same name. Other churches from around the 18th century are the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral and the Roman-Catholic Cathedral.

Arad Orthodox Cathedral, ©SorinNechita/Flickr

The Wooden Church and the Gai Monastary are traditionally Romanian buildings, also worth seeing. The Red Church built in 1905 is a uniqe neo-gothic structure. The architectural construction got its name after the red bricks that were used to build it.

Enjoy a show at the theatre

There are two important theaters in Arad: the Puppet theatre where performances are mostly for children and the “Ioan Slavici” Classic theatre for adults and was built in the 19th century.

Ioan Slavici Theatre, ©jns001/Flickr

There is another theatre called the Old Theatre, a neoclassical building constructed Jacob Hirschl in the year of 1817. Many performances have been played in this building and many important artists have shown their talents between its walls.

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