Sighisoara towers


In the past, Sighisoara had 14 towers, 9 of them still standing today. Every medieval tower in Sighisoara belonged to a Romanian trade organization which had the task to protect the tower together with 920 meters in the fortress. Sighisoara towers is more than just a historical article, it presents a little but important part of the glorious past of this people.

Clock Tower

The most important tower in Sighisoara is the Clock Tower,  that guards the main entrance into the fortress. It was initially called the Gate Tower and it was used for public gatherings and for keeping the archives and heritage of the fortress. After 1604, it received the present name due to a wooden mechanism clock that was installed. In 1648, the clock was built up of metallic pieces. The clock was decorated with wood statues representing the Gods, personifying the days of the week. The tower did not belong to a particular trade organization but to the entire community. Today, it hosts the history museum.

Other important towers in Sighisoara


The Butcher’s Tower has an important historical value as it displays in a very clear way the construction phases of the entire fortress.  Tanner’s Tower is one of the oldest towers in Sighisoara. It was built under the shape of a small pyramid. This tower was connected to the new Barber’s Tower in 1631. The tower seems so modest that it is hard to believe it had been a defense tower. Goldsmith’s Tower was first mentioned in the documents in 1511. The tower was built on the highest point of the fortress and played a significant part in the defensive history of Sighisoara. It is restored in 1603 but an explosion blows up the connection part between the Goldsmith’s Tower and the Rope Maker’s Tower, a key position the defense system of the fortress. In 1863 it is transformed into a gym belonging to the School on the Hill, the first one in Transylvania.

Tin’s Tower was built at the same time with the wall of the fortress; it has an archaic image due to the impressive console that can be observed on the superior levels. In front of it lies the best conserved bastion. The Shoemaker’s Tower marquee the North East extreme of the fortress, in front of it was built centuries ago a bastion, demolished a few years ago. The architecture of the tower presents elements of Baroque style. Today, a radio station has its headquarters in the tower.

These are only the most important and well preserved Sighisoara towers. My advice to you is to buy a map and try to discover of al them.

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