Sighisoara festivals

Siighisoara is not only famous for being the only well preserved fortress that is still dwelled in Europe but also for being an important cultural center.  Sighisoara festivals are no longer just a simple attraction for the Romanian people but also for the foreigners too. Therefore, here we have the two main cultural events of Sighisoara: Sighisoara medieval festival and Sighisoara blues festival.

Sighisoara medieval festival

Starting with1992, during every summer, Sighisoara relieves its romantic and glorious past. This year, we celebrate the 20th edition of the festival. For the first time, Sighisoara medieval festival will take place during 10 days, the main theme- 600 years of battles and belief- Joan D’Arc. For those who are interest in the festival, I will present you the main themes: First day is called 20 Medieval Sighisoara- traditional, the second day 20 Craftman’s Sighisoara, the third day 20- Sighisoreana. The importance of this manifestation lies in the power to communicate through different types of medieval arts: games, theater, dancing, music, modern music. The festival includes exhibits of tradesman’s works, clowns, and knight parades and even witches public trials.  The public enjoys to the fullest the competitions and the dance contests. One can even see how medieval objects, such as swards are being made while others can watch actors perform comedia d arte. Streets are full with musicians that invite tourists and locals to a medieval dance.  An old fortress is the ideal place for a festival thus every year, more than 20,000 people come to Sighisoara to take part in Sighisoara medieval festival. The festival was nominated this year for the best event of the year during the Excellence Award prices, taking place on April 24, 2012.

Sighisoara blues festival

Sighisoara blues festival started in 2005 and is now a well known presence in the Romanian artistic environments. This is a truly loved and appreciated event, especially by blues fans. The previous editions of the festival made a name out of Sighisoara blues festivals especially among abroad fans. Blues and history come together under the slogan – For those who love blues. Every year, important names in the field come to Sighisoara and transform this place into a fantasy place. Sighisoara blues festival is the only important festival in the country of this kind, thus it would be a great idea for you to visit Sighisoara during the festival.

Those who are thinking of visiting Sighisoara will have the surprise of their lives when they arrive here. Sighisoara festivals and the entire atmosphere create the impression of still leaving in the medieval times, still struggling to win the tournaments and impress princesses with romantic music.

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