Sighisoara festivals II

Sighisoara has an incredible cultural life that can be explored through its famous annual festivals. Sighisoara festivals are not only an attraction for the locals but also for tourists that have the chance to discover another way of celebrating culture and art. Film festival, Bras Band festival animate everything in Sighisoara medieval fortress.

Sighisoara Film festival

In 2009, the first Romanian film festival was organized in Sighisoara. Thee place was not chosen by chance, Sighisoara being considered one of the most beautiful fortress inEuropethat is still dwelled. The festival’s objective is to create a communication platform between the public and the directors of the most important Romanian film productions. Two new sections were added to the festival, films that were awarded at the great European film festivals and a guest country. In memorian pays homage toRomaniaartists, directors, film makers that made Romanian films known all over the world such as Gheorghe Dinica, Stefan Iordache. Youngsters have the change to prove their creativity during a 99 seconds contest. Children have the chance to take part in special workshops. Therefore, Sighisoara film festival is the place for everybody to be in September. Sighisoara film festival tries to change the public’s perception that understood that Romanian films are as valuable as the foreign ones. Sighisoara film festival managed to revive the cult for cinema and to develop the passion for Romanian films. It also became a place for personalities in the film industry to meet.

Brass Band festival

Brass Band ©

Another important festival that is organized in Sighisoara every year is Brass Band festival. Brass Band festival became a tradition that gathers hundreds of tourists eagger to listen the promenade music but also to see the impressive instruments. The festivals gathers bands from Romanian cities but also from neighbour countries. Each country performs a concert both in the central square of Sighisoara and in other places of the fortress. Different music schools are also invited to perform here and why not to become famous. The festival takes place during autumn being a great way to celebrate the coming of this wonderful season. Another great way to celebrate Harvest Day is by going to Brass Band festival.

It does not matter weather you are a tourist or a loca, Sighisoara festivals brings joy to everyone. It is important to take part and feel the rythm. More details you can find out here.

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