Shopping in Constanta

What goes best with sunbathing, swimming, walking on the beach, lying on the beach with a refreshing cocktail? Well, for me it’s definitely the need to buy something, maybe a new, more fashionable swimming suit and maybe an elegant broad hat to go with that or maybe some cute dress to go out in the evening. Shopping in Constanta means a very diverse offer, a lot of places out of which to choose. Therefore, follow me in this post and find out exactly where you should go out shopping.

Tomis Mall

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This may not be the largest mall in Constanta but it is definitely a true emblem of the city, being situated in its centre on the main shopping street, Stefan cel Mare Street. Named after the historical name of Constanta (Tomis), this is a ten-floor building where you can find the most prestigious commercial brands located in very refined and luxurious spaces but also bars and restaurants, a Cityplex (a complex of 4 cinemas), playing spaces for the children and many more. Its website describes it as the place where people build their dreams and exchange experiences and also as passion of infinite possibilities. This may sound too metaphorical, I agree, but its being located in the center of such an amazing city makes all this more believable.

Where else to shop?

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There are several other shopping centers in Constanta, but the largest is City Park Mall, situated in northern part of Constanta, near Lake Tabacarie. It has a spectacular architecture that successfully blends with the surrounding landscape. Again, you get famous brands, cafes and restaurants, all there to make your shopping day a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You can also try Maritimo Shopping Center or Doraly, both following the same principles as the two other malls, already described, when it comes to shopping. Though you may feel that shopping in Constanta is all about malls (given that one is a main topic in this post) let me assure you that you can also stroll on the main avenues of this city (such as Mamaia or Tomis Avenues) or head towards the seaside and you will definitely find other shops, just as interesting as the ones in the large shopping centers. They may not be as famous or as luxurious, I know, but you may be surprised of their originality and attention to details.

No matter where you decide to shop, I bet that in the evening you’ll look stunning in a fabulous new dress, ready to go party in some classy club or just go for a stroll on the beach under the moonlight. And if men are reading this post, I’m sure you’ll feel relaxed after spending a day playing bowling (in City Park Mall) or watching a movie (at Tomis Mall) or drinking a beer at some bar, all while waiting for your girlfriend to decide which dress to buy. A win-win situation, isn’t it?

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